Solution Brief

Tealium iQ for C-Level Executives


Digital marketing vendors support your online initiatives and are critical to your business. But tags can have drawbacks: they are expensive to maintain, sap valuable IT resources, and can delay critical marketing campaigns. Tag management can be instrumental in streamlining your operations and bringing agility to your teams.


  • Create powerful unified marketing synergies using existing vendors to create more relevant customer interactions
  • Bring new marketing campaigns online faster
  • Quickly evaluate new technology vendors without costly implementation cycles

The Tealium iQ tag management system provides relief to all departments involved in ongoing tag deployments and maintenance. Through an intuitive web interface, marketers can more easily leverage their online solutions—and the data they collect—without requiring ongoing assistance from IT. In addition, Tealium iQ gets your marketing initiatives running faster, cuts costs, and dramatically improves page load performance, so your visitors stay on your site and away from competitors.

Get back to work

Marketers typically rely on IT staff and web developers to manually implement vendor tags, which saps your technical resources and impacts marketing efficiency. Tealium relieves IT teams from the burden of ongoing tag maintenance by empowering marketers to add, edit, or remove any vendor tag themselves with point-and-click simplicity. This helps your marketing team launch more digital campaigns faster and easier, while increasing efficiency and financial results.

Make your vendors raise the bar

Selecting a new digital marketing vendor is important, but it’s hard to gauge during evaluation whether or not they’re going to be a good fit—sometimes it’s just best to test them out. Tealium iQ makes it easy to test different online vendors against each other, so marketers can choose the vendor that delivers the best results, and best fits their needs. Typically a time-consuming process that involves heavy IT assistance, Tealium iQ simplifies the A/B testing process so marketers can test their prospective vendors in minutes, and gain confidence in their vendor selections.

Technology that can keep up with your innovations

Looking to extend your company’s measurement capabilities across multiple digital touch points? Tealium iQ enables marketers to manage their analytics and digital solutions across web and mobile channels—as well as online video—all from the same intuitive web interface. Once Tealium iQ is embedded in a mobile app, marketers can make changes to vendor tags without having to re-certify the app through the platform operator (e.g., Apple or Google), simplifying an often expensive and time-consuming process.

Govern your data and get compliant

Data leakage is a big concern for any organization, and unmanaged tags are often the prime culprits, transmitting transactional information and other data to third-party vendors without your knowledge or control. Tealium iQ allows you to audit the data collection practices of each vendor tag, while exerting precise control over which data points are sent to which vendors. Tealium iQ also enables organizations to become instantly e-privacy compliant based on country-specific laws, providing site visitors with convenient opt-out choices.

Measure and act

Without a solid foundation of digital data, making decisions to improve visitor experience can be difficult—and the wrong decision can be detrimental to marketing campaigns. Tealium iQ provides users with a clean, timely access to all of your visitor and event-level digital data, that can then fuel third-party reporting tools or your company’s data warehouse. Through a foundation of actionable data, marketers can easily build profiles based on behavior, and make confident decisions in how to improve visitor experience, conversions, and retention.