Better Together: Amazon Web Services + Tealium Customer Data Hub

Deliver higher quality and more comprehensive customer data to AWS in real time to drive better insights and engagements

How does Tealium help integrate systems with AWS?

Key Benefits

  • Clean and unified data at the point of creation (before it gets to AWS)
  • Real-time action on real-time data
  • Robust and seamless integrations with over 1,300+ marketing technologies

Supercharge your AWS instance by supplying it with clean, quality customer data and over 1,300 integrations to put that data to work. The Tealium Customer Data Hub integrates with Amazon Web Services through the following integrations:


AWS Firehose®
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AWS Kinesis Streams®
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AWS Redshift®
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Amazon Eventbridge
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Amazon Pinpoint

“The combination of Tealium and AWS enables clients to accelerate digital transformation initiatives through solutions that drive many global enterprise customers to innovate at scale. By combining our industry-leading platform with AWS services, our customers have the ability to manage the data supply chain in real-time and promote standardized, unified, customer data across their AWS infrastructure in a secure manner.”

– Matthew Gray, VP Global Partnerships

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Why integrate AWS and the rest of your stack with Tealium?

Cleansed and unified data at the point of collection – Clean and correlate customer data as its collected, instead of doing costly and slow post-processing. Give your data lake or data warehouse a collection footprint to directly populate customer data.

Real-time action on real-time data – Data can be streamed to your AWS instance in real-time, or batch loaded if necessary due to other systems. Tealium’s integrations allow you to trigger actions from your AWS data in any integrated system.

Fully orchestrated data – With the largest turnkey integration ecosystem on the market (1,300+), the Tealium Customer Data Hub enables you to orchestrate all your customer data for systems of analysis and action.

Private Cloud solutions for regulatory compliance – For companies in highly regulated industries like Healthcare, Tealium offers private cloud solutions on AWS that help meet stringent InfoSec requirements.

Unified data that no longer sits in silos – Don’t send all your valuable customer data to vendors and then try to get it back. Collect and correlate data directly from the device or the cloud to your AWS infrastructure.

Robust and seamless marketing technology integrations – Automate the flow of data between your data lake or data warehouse to downstream systems, whether for additional analysis or to trigger customer experience actions.

Reduced IT, operational, and infrastructure maintenance costs – Making data easier to use allows you to gain operational efficiency and agility by enabling employees of all technical proficiency levels to work with a common set of data.

Enhanced Data Governance capabilities – Gain additional visibility and control over the flow of data to and from your AWS infrastructure. Map data to your own taxonomy before it reaches AWS. Get visibility into where and how data is flowing across the entire data supply chain.

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