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Without third-party data, businesses are going to need a digital marketing strategy dependent on first-party data (the data you collect directly from consumers). A first-party data foundation not only ensures accurate customer insights, effective, real-time advertising, and better customer experiences overall – it also helps companies keep up with data privacy regulations and changing consumer privacy demands.

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How to Shift to a First-Party Data Strategy for the Best Customer Experience

Your how-to-guide on switching from a third-party to first-party data strategy. Read this eBook to learn the benefits, key use cases that matter to you, and the steps you need to take to succeed in a third-party cookie-less world.

2 Crucial Steps to Prepare for Third-Party Cookie Loss

See how to execute two necessary steps to ensure your brand is set up for marketing campaign success after the loss of third-party cookies.

The End of Third-Party Cookies: What Do Marketers Do Next?

Hear two experts share the top strategies marketers will want to take to prepare for the future.

See What the Experts Have to Say


How to Navigate a Third-Party Cookieless World
Learn how to build a long-term strategy that balances the customer experience with customer privacy in a third-party cookieless world.


Role of Server-Side Data
See how to leverage server-side data collection capabilities to build a scalable and future-proof data foundation so you can manage all of your customer data sources from multiple channels.


It’s Time to Change to a First-Party Data Strategy
The loss of third-party cookies is going to be tough for many marketers, but the ones who have a first-party data strategy in place will be set to succeed in this new environment.

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