Trusted Customer View

Our latest release to accurately identify customers, provide deep customer relationship context, and respect customer consent and preferences.

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Build customer profiles at the heart of your CX that are reliable, compliant, and high quality.

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The most effective customer experiences are built on trust. However, across an increasingly fragmented customer journey there are numerous areas where you can fall short of customer expectations. Tealium’s Trusted Customer View release enables companies to build a customer profile chock full of consented, high quality, and secure first-party data as the foundation for CX action and analysis across the tech landscape. Now even the most regulated industries can deliver experiences on par with CX leaders.

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Ensure every customer engagement is accurately targeted, built on trusted insights, and respects customer privacy preferences.

Know Your Customer...Better
Get Data Peace of Mind
Scale the Value of Data

Integrate high quality data to produce richer, more accurate, and targetable profiles

Get deeper direct measurement of customer behavior, group profiles for better orchestration, and complement with an ecosystem of identity provider data to better automate customer experience.

Improved data governance and consent management

Use integrations with Consent Management Platforms for better operational efficiency, while lowering the risk of manual errors. Orchestrate consent to automate your practices, and reliably setup new data flows with confidence.

Standardize data to unlock valuable insights

Tealium provides unmatched flexibility defining your data in the terms or your own business. Now, you can map your custom data schema to Tealium standards to unlock new, automated insights.

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Construct rich customer profiles to better understand and target customers

Constructing the most effective and trusted customer view requires measuring increasingly granular behavior, and the ability to augment direct measurement via an ecosystem of identity providers.

Identity Partner Ecosystem

Enrich customer profiles with individual and household data via our partner relationships in a privacy-safe way. Also, access additional identifiers for enhanced addressability. New and upcoming integrations include Auth0, Merkle (US), Trade Desk UID 2.0 (US), Acxiom, and Neustar.

Tealium Data Grouping


Add identity capabilities with visitor grouping allowing you the flexibility to group profiles by households, account-based marketing (ABM), or B2B profiles to meet the changing needs of marketers.

TIQ Events

Tealium iQ Events

Directly measure the deep customer behavior you need to understand, without all the slow and manual development effort using our new no-code event data collection feature.

Build reliable, high quality data flows and always know if there’s an issue

A trusted customer view also means a reliable foundation where data is well understood and data powers customer experience as expected.

Data Mapping
Connector Throttling
Tealium Data Mapping

NEW FEATURE: Data Mapping

Automate even more insights from your data simply by mapping your custom data layer to Tealium’s schema. Get new insights, dashboards, and modeling of customer behavior.


Build more resilient integrations with our new automated system for retrying failed data flows. Add even more reliability to your customer experience, even when your vendors have issues.

Connector Throttling

NEW FEATURE: Connector Throttling

Adapt your integrations to diverse vendor requirements with a new mechanism that throttles the amount of outbound data sent to vendors via connectors, so that you automatically don’t exceed vendor rate limits or lose data.

Tealium Notifications

NEW FEATURE: Notifications

Configure email or in-product notifications to enhance visibility when certain unexpected events occur, like a connector failure. Minimize downtime with automated monitoring.

Company Awards

Over the years, Tealium has been the proud recipient of numerous industry awards for our innovations in the Customer Data Platform category and continued commitment to our customers.

Tealium Illumi Award 2022
Gold Stevie Winner
Tealium Proddy Award 2022
Best and Brightest Award

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