A new marketer-friendly, data scientist-powerful feature for Tealium AudienceStream CDP enabling marketers to use ML to predict any user behavior to engage only the most relevant prospects and customers across every channel. Predict ML has already generated over 30MM customer predictions.

The other day I was watching an internal presentation and had to do a double-take when I saw the amount of data summarized for one of our customers as “5.562 trillion data points.” That’s “trillion”, with a “T.” It used to be that marketers wished for more data because, with more data, you could surely run more effective campaigns. Well, wish granted…and then some. And I’m not so sure it’s working out exactly the way most marketers had assumed. 

We’ve gotten to the point where data volume and data complexity have surpassed human capacity to effectively analyze and take action on it. We, as brands and marketers, need help. Machine Learning, long the sole province of the data scientist, is the help we need. If only it was more accessible to people without a statistics degree…

That’s where Tealium comes in. Tealium has always been in the business of connecting data so that companies can better connect with their customers. And now we have one more tool in the belt for brands to more effectively use customer data to drive business results. In the words of our fearless founder, Mike Anderson, “It’s not hard to find a needle in a haystack, just give me really small haystacks.” Tealium Predict ML (now generally available) is a powerful way for marketers, and data scientists alike, to make smaller haystacks to better acquire, engage and retain customers.

“Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination

~Albert Einstein

That’s the promise of Tealium Predict ML. An innovative and elegant blending of human brilliance augmented by computing power. 

What is Predict ML?

So what is Predict ML? Predict ML is the newest feature of our AudienceStream Customer Data Platform. It enables brands to predict any customer behavior, and use that insight to trigger customer engagement across every channel to better drive acquisition, engagement and retention. Watch a quick walkthrough here:

Benefits of Tealium Predict ML

The benefits of machine learning insights, in-line with data collection and data activation, are significant for customer experience. And these benefits can be gained within just 5 clicks.

Here’s a short list of the top benefits of applying ML analysis at the point of CX orchestration:

  • Better Marketing and Customer Experiences for Better Acquisition and Retention
    When you know what your prospect or customer is going to do next (or not do, for that matter), you can take more intelligent action. With Tealium Predict ML, what you predict is up to you. How you use that insight is also up to you by using Tealium’s industry leading 1200+ integration marketplace to make sure that insight is put to work…even when the integrated channel doesn’t natively support ML. Your whole stack just got ML-enabled.
  • Better Insights for More Sophisticated and Agile Analysis
    Machine learning projects are notoriously slow and labor-intensive. Coming up with insights isn’t the hard part, it’s wrangling all the data that feeds those insights, then integrating/deploying those insights with all your tools. With Tealium Predict ML built inside a CDP, there is already a rich store of customer data for analysis, and the integrations with downstream applications. Tealium Predict ML sits right in the middle for rapid insights that can immediately be put to work.
  • Completely Maintained, Top Notch Infrastructure
    Real-time data infrastructure can be an expensive challenge. Let us take care of that part for you, so that your team can focus on challenges that are more central to the business. With Tealium Predict ML, there’s no new infrastructure to setup and maintain. It amplifies the value of the data foundation already established with the overall Tealium Customer Data Hub.

Use Cases

What can you do with Tealium Predict ML? Well, that depends on who you are. There’s a wide range of benefits for Marketers, business analysts, data scientists and more:

  • For Marketers (click-through for more details):
    • Machine Learning-Powered Segmentation
    • Increase Purchase and Conversion Rate
  • For CX Strategists (click-through for more details):
    • Customer Retention and Reduce Churn
    • Funnel Optimization (Customer Journey)
  • For Analytics Pros and Data Scientists (click-through for more details):
    • Predictive Analytics, Customer Insights

Our Vision and Approach

The approach we’ve taken to adding ML capability to our Customer Data Hub is unique and delivers noteworthy value to brands. In an age where technology and customer behavior can change by the minute, a vendor’s approach is arguably more important than what the product looks like today. Here are just a handful of the tenants and philosophies underpinning Predict:

No Generic, One-Size-Fits-All ML

Predict any behavior you’re tracking in our AudienceStream CDP, where all your most valuable attributes and behaviors are defined.

what would you like to predict?Marketer Friendly, Data Scientist Powerful

Guardrails so that business users don’t need a data science degree to get ML-driven insights.

Transparent, Configurable, No “Black Boxes”

Advanced configuration options and transparent metrics to give advanced or technical users the ability to fine tune and go deeper.machine learning insights

Augment What You’re Already Doing

A central spot to see all your predictions, in the same platform used to orchestrate the data powering CX. Use predictions in combination with other audience definitions like VIP, Abandoned Cart, Loyalty Member, Subscriber, etc.customer insights for customer profileEnd-to-End, AutoML Solution

And these predictions live directly within the customer profile that’s integrated to your whole tech stack so you can directly tie insights to action, giving your business an innovative way for marketers and analytics pros or data scientists to collaborate.

In the Words of Our Product Manager, Dave Lucas

For the leaders, analysts, and marketers out there, we want to empower you to handle your most common use cases yourself for machine learning on customer data.  You should be able to predict any user behavior, over any timeframe, to fit any campaign or experience.  You shouldn’t have to write code or learn advanced statistics.  The technology should come to you and fit your existing process.

And for my fellow data peeps and engineers, I want to see your backlog shorter.  I want to see your time freed up from repetitive requests so that you have a bit more time to focus on the nuanced, advanced projects which make work a lot more interesting.

We’re not kidding ourselves.  This is only step one of a long journey.  But it’s a big step in the right direction, and I’m incredibly excited to see how it helps you.

To read Dave’s complete vision for Tealium Predict ML, please check out his blog post here.


If you’re like most brands out there and you’re looking for data-driven ways to better engage prospects and customers, you should give Predict ML a look. It’s a powerful tool to better acquire, engage and retain customers and ultimately delivers value all across the organization. Predict ML is the lowest cost, lowest risk solution on the market amplifying the value of a strong customer data foundation with ML-supercharged insights. We’d love to give you a demo today and figure out exactly where it can supercharge your CX efforts.

Request a demo today or check out more details here.

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Matt Parisi
Matt is Director of Product Marketing at Tealium.

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