Organizations are increasingly centralizing data storage and management on cloud infrastructure as a cornerstone for harnessing the full potential of their customer data. In Gartner’s 2024 Magic Quadrant for Customer Data Platforms, this is one of the four key trends shaping the future of data analytics (get more details and a complimentary copy here).

Here at Tealium, we’ve been at the forefront of this movement, offering data warehouse integrations for more than 7 years. As the next chapter of this story unfolds in the Cloud, we are thrilled to announce new Snowflake integrations that further expand our CDW (Cloud Data Warehouse) ecosystem.

These integrations unlock the power of a real-time, connected CDP complementing Snowflake’s robust data storage and analytics capabilities. Tealium’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) acts as a high-quality, consented data source, in addition to providing the real-time context and activation capabilities to put the historical and analytical data in Snowflake to work. The Tealium + Snowflake solution helps improve internal agility and efficiency, combined with providing a deeper understanding and enhanced delivery of the customer experience.

These integrations and Tealium’s modularity let you take a Composable Approach to customer data management without cobbling together an unmanageable number of vendors. The capabilities in Tealium are modular, interchangeable, cloud-based, and increasingly accessible via API. This enables us to construct solutions that make sense for our customers’ unique data landscapes and internal skillsets, thereby ensuring both maximal utilization of the owned components of Tealium, but also maximal utilization of the systems integrated with Tealium – like Snowflake.

Tealium Customer Data Hub + Snowflake Data Cloud Architecture

CDP + CDW ArchitectureWith Tealium and Snowflake working together you have a powerful solution to help:

  • Marry Historical & Real-Time Data: Snowflake stores your historical and analytical data, while Tealium captures real-time customer interactions. This combined view empowers you to understand your customers holistically and deliver exceptional experiences based on real-time events and behaviors.
  • Activate Customer Data: Your customer data is one of your greatest assets. With Tealium’s extensive integration marketplace and real-time data infrastructure maximize Snowflake data utilization, driving added value across AI activation, BI distribution, and data observation within the Customer Experience (CX) ecosystem.

Introducing: Snowflake Snowpipe Streaming API and Snowflake Data Source Integrations

Snowpipe Streaming API Integration

The primary method for landing low-latency data in Snowflake leverages the Snowpipe Streaming API to send high-quality data captured and enriched by Tealium. Tealium is the only CDP currently with a productized integration for this API. Collect event and customer-level data from various sources including websites, mobile apps, CRM systems, and more, while tracking and honoring consent. Then cleanse, filter, and prepare this data for direct delivery into your business’ Snowflake instance, saving time, IT resources and supplying higher-quality data. Leverage Snowflake’s lauded Snowpipe Streaming API as a low-latency, near real-time data ingestion pipeline without data duplication. This translates to significant benefits:

  • Time Savings & Automation: Automate data capture, saving your team valuable time.
  • Enhanced Data Governance: Implement and enforce privacy/consent rules for seamless data compliance.
  • Faster Insights: Get your data ready for analysis faster, accelerating your time to value.
  • Flexibility: Tealium can simultaneously stream data to other destinations (like Conversion APIs) or wait for insights from Snowflake before distribution.

Snowflake Data Source Integration

The primary method for activating Snowflake data leverages a Snowflake Data Source (using Snowflake’s JDBC driver connection) to ingest Snowflake data and map data to attributes that are actionable and in real-time through Tealium. Data is ingested selectively (vs. resource-intensive data copy processes) allowing you to enrich the right real-time customer data with historical and analytical insights from Snowflake, further powering your customer experience initiatives. The Snowflake Data Source can either stream data when added/updated or have a set schedule of ingestion of bulk offline data for building more robust audiences and targeted actions. 

 The benefits?

  • Automated Compliance: Tealium automatically adheres to data retention policies when pulling data from Snowflake.
  • Real-Time Action: Be ready to act with intelligence in the moment, not after the fact, by having customer data readily available within Tealium.

Being Tealium, we offer you a choice for ingesting data from Snowflake (and other data sources)

  • Import via API – Import to Tealium’s API endpoint for complete flexibility and control
  • File Import – Query and export any files to be uploaded into Tealium
  • Data Connect – Visually query and collect customer data from Snowflake and many other data sources

Unleashing Value Across Your Organization

These integrations unlock value across four key areas:

  • AI & Machine Learning: Fuel your AI and machine learning models with a rich dataset of real-time and historical customer data.
  • Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence: Gain deeper customer insights with a unified view of customer data across Tealium and Snowflake.
  • Unified Customer Identity: Create a single view of the customer across all touchpoints, enabling personalized experiences.
  • Real-Time Activation (Honoring Consent): Trigger personalized actions and experiences based on real-time customer interactions, all while respecting privacy regulations.

Benefits by Role

These integrations empower various teams within your organization:

  • Marketers: Personalize campaigns, measure campaign effectiveness, and optimize customer journeys in real-time.
  • Data Analysts: Unify siloed data for deeper insights and advanced analytics.
  • Developers: With an all-in-one data solution managing and integrating customer interaction data, you can prioritize developer time on more important projects
  • Customer Experience Teams: Deliver exceptional customer experiences with real-time customer context.

By leveraging Tealium’s CDP alongside Snowflake’s data warehousing power, you can gain a holistic understanding of your customers and unlock a new level of customer-centricity.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today to see how Tealium and Snowflake can help you achieve your customer experience goals.

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