Tealium and Deloitte join forces to help businesses unlock the consent-based data opportunity and gain a competitive edge.

Sydney, Australia | 15 November 2022 – Global professional services firm, Deloitte, has joined forces with the world’s most trusted CDP provider, Tealium, to unlock the consent-based data opportunity for brands. 

In collaboration, Deloitte and Tealium have combined the brightest minds and best technologies to help businesses build sustainable competitive advantage in a privacy-first era. As market leaders in privacy and consent, Deloitte and Tealium have today released a white paper and centralised consent management solution to educate and enable businesses in revolutionising real-time consent management. 

Entitled, ‘Consumer Data Right: The New Value Exchange’, the white paper outlines the market implications of disruptive data privacy regulations, as well as the corresponding commercial opportunities new or amended regulations create for brands. Additionally, the white paper highlights the importance of building a consent-management architecture that can offset losses in revenue and market share due to the ineffective mobilisation of data.

Alongside the white paper, Deloitte and Tealium’s centralised consent management solution will offer organisations an agile consent and preferences capability that produces differentiated CX in line with real-time consent status. Importantly, the solution is customisable to solve for a vast array of unique customer and compliance requirements. From strategy to deployment, Tealium and Deloitte are distinctly positioned to enable privacy-readiness, whilst realising the value of data amid digital globalisation.

‘Evolving privacy regulations and the rise of first-party data pose a high risk to commercial performance in the global digital economy. Building brand trust and decreasing regulatory risk will be essential to commercial viability as customer demands and compliance requirements heighten.

Deloitte is a market leader in privacy and consent, with demonstrable expertise in building agile consent management solutions that elevate CX excellence. Deloitte empowers organisations to build a robust foundation of trust that creates sustainable competitive advantage in a privacy-first era.’

Mathew Norton, Partner at Deloitte Digital

Deloitte and Tealium have successfully implemented the centralised consent management solution at leading Australian retailer, Kmart. By putting consent first to tackle the personalisation-privacy paradox, Kmart used Tealium’s trusted CDP to deploy the Australian market’s first consent accelerator. With Deloitte’s strategic support, Kmart’s innovative consent model resolved the issue of data fragmentation to enable countless scenarios in consent-first omnichannel experience activation. Within six months, Kmart achieved an astounding 200% increase in its consenting customer base, with competitive advantage strengthened through a higher quality audience that is more likely to convert.

‘In a data economy, trust is the defining quality of customer experience excellence. Trust powers CX innovation to continually elevate personalisation performance. As the regulatory environment evolves, an agile consent management architecture will be key to delivering trust-based experiences at scale.

As the world’s most trusted CDP, Tealium empowers brands to deliver rewarding customer experiences, without compromising privacy standards. Consent management is the gateway to the future of CX by infusing trust at every touchpoint in a buying experience.’

Marie-Louise Dalton, Vice President, Marketing, Asia-Pacific and Japan at Tealium

Converting Data into Consent-First CX Performance

Access ‘Consumer Data Right: The New Value Exchange’ now to learn the steps to create a new value exchange in the Web 3.0 era, including:

  • Designing a data centre of excellence
  • Creating a consent management architecture
  • Taking advantage of the CDR-initiated disruptive innovation opportunity
  • Orchestrating a new value exchange amid a privacy reset
  • Transforming data into a strategic asset held on trust

Boldly leaping into the new data economy is best done in collaboration. At the forefront of the new value exchange, Deloitte and Tealium stand ready to solve privacy and consent for businesses. Please get in touch today to accelerate your consent-first commercial strategy and build sustainable competitive advantage in a global digital economy.


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