Store and analyze your enriched, correlated Tealium data to improve visibility into data operations, validate data across your tech stack, and better communicate value.

Tealium - DataAccess

Why Store and Analyze Data with DataAccess?

The rich stream of data collected, standardized, and enriched by Tealium is a treasure trove of insights. DataAccess allows you to capture that cleaned and correlated dataset for use in your own data lakes, data warehouses, or other applications— extending the value of your customer data foundation in Tealium. And now with Insights, an embedded business intelligence tool, analyze all the data you store in Tealium without any additional data integration efforts.

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Jason Paddock

Sr Director, Marketing Data & Technology, Oportun

“We shifted to using first-party data collected by Tealium DataAccess to better understand our attribution model. This switch solved our third-party reporting models, but we were also able to add additional attribution models and understand how different channels worked together.”

Featuring Insights, an Embedded Business Intelligence Tool

Use Insights to visualize and report on any data you choose to store in Tealium. By bringing analytics to the data foundation powering customer experience, organizations maintain a more reliable data foundation, save time generating insights, and better optimize the value of customer data management initiatives.

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Analyze and Validate the Data Flowing Across Your Tech Stack

Get a centralized view of your customer data operations to validate what you see in other tools and improve visibility into the value of your data strategy

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