Solution Brief

Tealium for Publishers


Keeping up with the content needs of your audience is a constantly moving target. You are balancing a positive user experience for your audience with the needs of your advertisers for branded content, new ad formats and contextual placement. Bringing order to this chaos requires a strong foundation, that’s where we come in.


  • Build a complete understanding of your customers by unifying cross-device visitor profiles
  • Quickly evaluate new marketing strategies or technologies without costly technology development projects
  • Continuously improve your visitor knowledge by defining business rules, which capture insights beyond affinity

Targeting, relevancy, optimization, and frequency help deliver clicks and conversions, but fueling your existing systems with high-value audience segments amplifies the value to your advertisers and improves monetization. Modern marketing and advertising rely more than ever on digital marketing vendors to support web and mobile interactions to drive results. As vendor solutions have increasingly become cloud based, tags have become the data collection mechanism of choice for a clean, actionable source of digital data. But the process of deploying and managing vendor tags can be a headache, due to the technical nature associated with tagging, high costs, and heavy reliance on IT resources to carry out the task. The Tealium iQ™ tag management system makes it easy to deploy new vendor tags or make edits to existing ones without burdening developers. The complementary Tealium AudienceStream™ solution is a data-centric gateway that works in concert with Tealium iQ, to build powerful visitor profiles which fuel enhanced marketing interactions. AudienceStream enables discovery of new and higher-value segments, connecting activity across multiple touch points and devices and enriching visitor profiles for distribution to your analytics, ad technology, and content management vendors. AudienceStream fuels smarter interactions. Leverage your existing advertising and marketing systems to drive success:

Audience Enrichment: Obtain better segmentation and new audiences based on visitor behavior

AudienceStream enables discovery of your most valuable audiences, connecting their activity across your site and their devices. Visitor behaviors can be segmented using publisher-defined rules, then easily tested, customized, and fed into analytics systems. These enriched visitor profiles can then be distributed to digital marketing vendors for better segmentation. Attributes can also be incremented or aggregated, avoiding audience overlap and making it easy to evaluate new strategies and ideas and immediately act on them.

Single-Identity Metrics: Unify messages across all digital touch points for the same visitor

Using cookies to identify single-user identities is challenging. Mobile Internet traffic is outpacing desktop Internet traffic, so being able to easily unify cross-device messages is key. Through AudienceStream, a user’s behavior can be correlated across his or her multiple devices, stitching together a cross-device profile. This unified view enables partner applications to integrate messaging or right-time cross-device offers, personalizing the user experience and thereby improving engagement and conversion rates.

Engagement: Achieve deeper measurement of affinity and engagement

Measuring engagement and affinity can depend on your business goals, context, and what you want to measure. AudienceStream allows you to both define and measure engagement or affinity for content, a product, or a service. It does this by using a blend of metrics based on publisher-defined criteria such as time spent, page or product views, downloads, chat sessions, blogs viewed, or any other tagged activity. These metrics can then be shared with leading BI, web analytics, or ad technology vendors.

Split Testing: A/B test your content, landing pages, programs, and vendors

To decide which content, vendors, and marketing strategies perform better, use the Tealium iQ Split Segmentation extension to easily create new segments to run a simple A/B test. Doing so allows you to test new call-to-action strategies, a new vendor, or personalized content.

Smarter Affiliate Management: Pay only vendors that contribute to a customer’s purchase cycle

The Tealium iQ conditional load rules enable you to accurately manage customer interactions by vendor. This feature allows you to pay commissions only to winning affiliates (last-click, first-click, linear attribution, and more) for particular conversions on particular pages. Paying only the vendors that contributed to the purchase funnel results in cost savings and will help you determine the effectiveness of particular affiliates.

Remarketing: Send personalized e-mails in real time

Timeliness is key. Enriched data can be injected into digital marketing tags for integration with your site personalization tools for better conversions. For example, content can be personalized on the home page based on the visitor’s propensity to convert, or AudienceStream can automatically send a real-time relevant e-mail offer based on the content interaction. When that offer is made in real time, the effectiveness improves by 40–55%. When visitors return after receiving the e-mail call to action, their likelihood to convert is higher than it was on their first visit.

Display Ad Retargeting: Bring back visitors or deliver enriched audience data to your advertisers

Retargeted ad campaigns deliver 2.5 to 3 times higher engagement rates, so if you want to have visitors reconsider an offer, use AudienceStream to enrich your audience data and deliver these first-party segments to your ad vendors. They will be able to utilize these segments in their retargeting campaigns so they can send a fresh real-time call to action to visitors while they are still in-market.