Tealium enables global businesses across all industries to unlock their customer data and create more meaningful, relevant customer experiences. Our leading customer data and tag management products power solutions that protect valuable customer data, stitch customer journeys across multiple devices, and enable true marketing agility.


Tealium enables online businesses to unify customer data across touchpoints, build a comprehensive customer view in real time, and take action within the technologies you already use.

Omnichannel Marketing

Tealium enables you to marry online and offline customer data, and build the unified customer view that’s critical in creating more compelling, relevant omnichannel customer experiences.

Mobile & IoT

Regardless of channel or the screens your customers are on – mobile, tablet, desktop, smartwatch, you-name-it – Tealium is the vendor-neutral, data-centric platform required for success in the multi-device era.


Tealium offers a number of features that support organizations that want to have more precise control over their customer data and marketing technologies, and more robust data privacy capabilities to extend to their end users.


Securing your company’s customer data is one of the most important elements in building a comprehensive foundation for your organization. Tealium’s built-in security features empower organizations to be more agile and efficient, without sacrificing security.


Tealium enables today’s healthcare organizations to create better customer experiences while maintaining data security and meeting important standards to protect electronic health information.