Forrester Research predicts exponential growth in online retail sales in the years to come, reaching $480 billion in 2019. That staggering number presents a huge opportunity for e-commerce organizations, but it also means the need to provide unique, compelling omnichannel customer experiences is greater than ever.

Tealium enables online businesses to unify customer data across all touchpoints, build a comprehensive customer view in real time, and take action within the technologies you already use.

Trusted Solution

Tealium powers more than 25 percent of the top 100 Internet retailers, according to data compiled from the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide. In addition, Tealium served up 3.4 billion tags on Cyber Monday 2015 and was named a Top Five Fastest Tag for the second year in a row by Ghostery, who analyzed real user tag latency metrics across the top 25 online retailers.

Platform Integrations

Tealium’s deep, native integrations with the leading e-commerce platforms – SAP Hybris, Oracle Commerce, IBM Websphere Commerce – enable marketers to manage vendor tags and flexibly deploy more than 850 turnkey vendor tag integrations directly within these platforms. This enables marketers to more quickly create customized shopping experiences consistently across all channels, including mobile, social and in-store, and provide a host of personalization services that make an online brand experience more relevant to each customer.

Unification Across Touchpoints

Using AudienceStream, a user’s behavior can be accurately correlated across multiple devices, stitching together a cross-device profile. This unified view enables right-time cross-device offers, thereby improving engagement and conversion rates.

Cart Abandonment

It’s proven that the right message at the right time, using real-time data, helps boost engagement and conversions. Rather than waiting on batch-processed data to re-engage cart abandoners, attributes and behavior information from AudienceStream can be immediately shared with the best action platform suited to remarket or retarget that particular visitor.

Flexible Split Testing

To decide which marketing strategies perform better, use Tealium to create a new segment in which to run a simple A/B test, allowing you to test a new offer, personalized content, or a new digital marketing vendor. Tealium makes this normally difficult task easy by testing different online vendors against each other, allowing you to choose the offer or vendor that delivers the best results.

Product Category Conversions

Today you can easily report on top products, what’s selling, and what’s not selling. AudienceStream also enables you to understand how online behaviors influence success or failure. For instance, you can look at a product category level; segment it by audience to get insights by traffic channel, campaign, or even by keyword; and see what’s driving high-value categories and where your marketing dollars should continue to flow.

Customer Lifetime Value

Shift from leveraging average order value to understand the more comprehensive customer lifetime value. Visitor behaviors can be segmented using your defined AudienceStream rules, then easily tested, customized, and fed into analytics systems. These attributes can also be incremented or aggregated, making evaluating new strategies and ideas easy and immediately actionable.