What’s New in Tealium? ML, CCPA, Integrations and More

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Whoever said summer was a slow season obviously didn’t work at Tealium. Our product and engineering teams have been busier than ever building new capabilities across the Tealium Customer Data Hub. From helping you unleash the power of machine learning all the way to adding in more granular user permissions on the server-side, here’s a roundup of the latest features, updates and integrations!

Power Predictive Insights with Tealium Predict ML

Let’s start with the game-changing, customer experience-blazing, new feature for your Customer Data Platform, Tealium Predict ML. Tealium Predict ML is a new marketer-friendly, data scientist-powerful feature for Tealium AudienceStream CDP enabling customers to use ML to predict any user behavior. This means you can more confidently engage only the most relevant prospects and customers across every channel. 

Now anyone can leverage predictive insights to anticipate when a customer will make a purchase and take action to increase revenue. Or identify prospects who won’t purchase and suppress them from advertising to save costs. The possibilities are endless, but here are 5 ways our customers are already using Tealium Predict ML to help get your wheels turning. 

Tealium Predict ML is a paid-feature of our CDP – reach out to us if you are curious about learning more or sign up for a demo. Looking for documentation? Oh, we’ve got documentation.

A Fresh New Look for Tealium Connectors

Products: Tealium AudienceStream CDP and Tealium EventStream API Hub

Moving on to connectors, the way you turn your data into business benefits! In April, we introduced a simplified integration experience for Tealium EventStream API Hub and AudienceStream CDP connectors, making powerful integration setup a breeze!

Data integration with connectors workflow

With the updated interface and workflow for Tealium connectors, anyone can bring valuable customer data to their tech stack on the server-side using no-code integrations that are simple to set up. Easier integrations are just the start – there are some real hidden gems in this release including spotlight search, reporting visualizations and more. Dive into full details in our latest blog and documentation. Short on time? No problem, here’s a 5-minute overview.

Improve Facebook ROAS by Sending Data Server-Side

Product: Tealium EventStream API Hub

Third-party cookies are starting to crumble as regulations and browser changes begin to take hold. For digital marketers that means as much as 30% less insight into conversion and attribution coming from cookie-challenged browsers.

Facebook’s new Conversions API allows advertisers to send customer data from their servers directly to Facebook allowing not only greater data control but also a way to get those missing data insights back. 

Tealium EventStream API Hub integrates with Facebook’s new API to send first-party data server-side and get those insights back. The new connector also enables additional offline data sources to be shared like CRM, Call-Center, POS data to paint a complete picture of customer engagement. Learn more about how Tealium integrates with Facebook to power data-driven campaigns and grow revenue. Check out Facebook Conversions Connector in Tealium and head to documentation!

Consent Management that’s CCPA-Optimized

Product: Tealium iQ Tag Management

July 1st marked the enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This new regulation introduces new consumer rights, including giving visitors the ability to “opt-out” of the selling of their data as well as the right to access and erasure of their data. This makes consent management a key part of any CCPA compliance strategy. 

So what’s Tealium doing about it? Well, we are making it easier for our customers to get their customer data and consent management in order of course. We are excited and proud to announce that the CCPA Consent Manager for Tealium iQ Tag Management is now live! 

This update gives customers the ability to build a fully customized privacy preference banner that is CCPA-optimized and gain complete control of their consent collection needs for both GDPR and CCPA. Take a look at how it works! Or head to documentation.

New Permission Controls and Roles on the Server-Side

Products: Tealium Customer Data Hub

Last up (but certainly not least) we’ve introduced Server-Side User Permissions in Tealium to enable you to gain more granular controls over users in Tealium. Choose from No Access, Reader, Editor or Publisher to gain more control over your profile. Read more here!

*Infomercial Voice* But Wait, There’s More

View the Release Notes summary to learn about updated product features, enhancements, and fixes we just didn’t have time to get to in this blog! 

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We’ll be back every quarter to give you another roundup of the latest updates from Tealium.

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