As the digital landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, 2024 promises to be a transformative year for the technology space. In this dynamic era, businesses must adapt, innovate, and stay ahead of the curve. As we dive into the specifics of what Tealium is building in 2024, we want to acknowledge the shifts in the technological terrain, where the intersection of data, privacy, and customer experience is reshaping the very foundations of business strategies. 

Let’s start with the state of the union… 2024 will be a highly competitive year, marked by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning (ML) transformation, evolving digital experiences, and high customer expectations. Being held back by data silos or risking data privacy violations could set you behind your competitors. Customer data and Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are critical for businesses today because they enable personalization, enhance customer experiences, inform decision-making, and contribute to increased efficiency and competitiveness. As a real-time CDP, we play a pivotal role in helping to build strong customer relationships, driving revenue growth, and ensuring compliance in a data-centric business environment.

We believe that a proactive and effective customer data strategy is your most valuable asset. That’s why Tealium helps collect, unify, and activate real-time data to deliver superior customer experiences, provide timely insights, and fuel AI models. All through a “data-first” approach.

What does it mean to be data-first? It means there is a strategy for the data itself and the data layer is set up to enable the different initiatives across AI, customer 360, analytics, marketing, loyalty, etc. Because it is hard to know how things will evolve, it is essential to have flexibility, control, and consent built into this data layer from the core. 

The current conditions with regulations and tech platforms are challenging first-party data and making it harder to obtain and use. And in parallel, the rise of AI is driving up requirements and expectations from the data foundation. These trends are coalescing and driving businesses to pursue contextual, in-the-moment experiences. 

Tealium's data first strategy

How Tealium Supports Your Goals With New Innovation

Let’s dive into our latest announcements that reinforce this vision. They include Tealium for AI, Tealium Moments, Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW) Partner Ecosystem, and Consent Orchestration.

Tealium for AI

What is Tealium for AI?

Getting the right data and fueling your AI with it can be challenging. Tealium for AI helps you get consented, filtered, enriched data in real-time for AI models and activate the results. Whether training data, data to feed the model, data for fine-tuning, or activating the results, Tealium connects your AI models to all your tools and customers. 

Why we built Tealium for AI

AI needs good data, but clean, organized, high-quality data is not easy to produce or maintain.  This problem is compounded by the fact that most AI models operate in data silos. While AI is a prime directive in most companies, data wrangling, data availability, and data silos remain the key issues with AI initiatives. Generative AI promises to solve issues and give a boost to productivity, but for most enterprises’ ML and AI efforts, data is the number one bottleneck. 

If we look past this to the trend of owning the moment and personalization at scale, we can see that real-time activation becomes a critical piece of AI-powered experiences. We want to be the partner that helps brands own the moment using AI through filtered, consented, ad-enriched data to your AI models and activate the results in real-time. 

With Tealium for AI, businesses can:

  • Dramatically improve the time to model and value 
  • Apply data preparation, transformation, and encryption to incoming data for immediate data availability 
  • Directly send consented, organized, and filtered data in real-time to major AI platforms
  • Provide a real-time activation engine for AI insights and scores 
  • Integrate AI models and platforms with the rest of your marketing tools 
  • Reduce risk by blocking any non-consented or non-compliant data from AI models

Who Is This Best For?

The dynamics of the buyer’s landscape have evolved significantly, with key stakeholders like IT, the CIO office, Governance, the CDO office, and Data Science teams now wielding substantial influence in decision-making. While Marketing often holds the budget and ownership, the other organizational entities play a crucial role in the decision-making process. The rise of AI has brought a heightened focus on data itself, accompanied by the associated expenses linked to managing extensive data volumes. In this environment, Marketing seeks avenues to access the data necessary for AI initiatives without facing organizational gatekeepers.

Tealium is the ideal solution, providing IT, CIO, CDO, and Governance teams with the essential tools for a robust data pipeline designed for AI. We strive to enable organizations to leverage all available data, with consent, precisely when needed.

Tealium Moments

Tealium Moments is a collection of features coming in Q1 2024 to help you own the moment with Moments IQ and Moments API Composer. Win the moments that matter and act with intelligence instantly. Equip your tech stack with readily accessible historical and 360 insights combined with real-time context and activation. 

  • Moments IQ: Collect declarative, zero-party data from customers by asking direct questions or providing a way for customers to give feedback. This data is natively integrated into customer profiles and available for instant personalization and activation!
  • Moments API Composer: New API to access data from Tealium with blazing-fast response times to enable first page, real-time personalization, and beyond. The Moments API comes with an API Composer, enabling you to choose the data points you want available to optimize for speed.

Why We Built Tealium Moments

As the digital landscape becomes increasingly competitive, customers are looking for contextual experiences that resonate with them. With Tealium Moments, we are giving you ways to collect and activate personalized customer experiences with the following capacities:

  • Augment your existing first-party data strategy with zero-party data by asking direct questions or getting real-time feedback and using it to provide enhanced customer experiences
  • Rather than guessing what the customer is expecting, ask them using simple, in-context questions, during the interaction 
  • Gain a better understanding and richer cross-channel audiences by enriching profiles with the zero-party insights collected
  • Get access to data in the instant you need it – decide what data points the API should return, compose your own API, and then fuel your personalization and AI ambitions 
  • In the moment contextual experiences are only possible with consented data, immediately available, across your touchpoints 

Tealium Moments utilizes our real-time capabilities and focuses them on areas that are relevant to what customers are looking for – new types of data, new ways to collect it, engaging intelligently in the moment with customers, and the ability to access any data relevant to informing the customer experience,

Who Is This Best For?

Tealium Moments is designed for marketing teams dependent on IT or research teams for preference information from customers via direct interactions. This data usually ends up in a data silo run by a different team and is rarely available to add to the customer profile. 

With Tealium Moments, we give marketing teams an easy, out-of-the-box, embeddable solution to engage with customers, understand their preferences, and immediately leverage information for better customer experiences. 

Tealium’s Moments API Composer offers a configurable, performance API. This enables programmatic access to any data relevant to informing customer experience by composing the exact API for your needs. 

Tealium Moments is a comprehensive solution to make your customer experience personal, contextual, and real-time.

CDW Partner Ecosystem

What Is The CDW Partner Ecosystem?

Gain agility and effectively leverage enterprise data to improve your CX. This collection of integrations within Tealium Customer Data Hub with the largest cloud data providers enables you to leverage data wherever it is stored. Scale the value of AI, Customer 360, Analytics, and other data initiatives housed in your Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW) by activating it alongside real-time intelligence with Tealium.

Why We Built The CDW Partner Ecosystem

CDWs are the central source of truth for many enterprises, yet real-time activation is a missing integral part to boost better customer experiences. Our goal is to enable customers to maximize their CDW investments in the following ways:

  • Build the Most Composable, Agile Tech Stack Possible
  • Align Martech to Enterprise IT Strategy— Harmonize your cloud data warehouse to customer engagement technology and vice versa
  • Scale the Value of CDW Investments in AI, C360, Analytics
  • Real-time Activation 
  • Real-time Data Source
  • Better Manage Privacy and Security
  • Better Collaboration Across Technical and Business Teams
  • Save Time Maintaining Integrations
  • Clean and Standardize Data at Collection, not After

Who Is This Best For?

The CDW Partner Ecosystem is best for teams who want to solve activation, customer engagement data, consent, and privacy for their CDW. It also benefits marketing teams who want to leverage the enterprise data set from the CDW. 

Consent Orchestration

What is Consent Orchestration?

Get ready to streamline the enforcement of consent attributes and policies with our Consent Orchestration framework. Consent Orchestration provides teams with confidence by ensuring activated data adheres to existing consent rules. Part of Tealium EventStream, Tealium offers a centralized point for review and control over customer data destinations and a fail-safe mechanism to block any unconsented data from being leaked. 

Why Did We Build Consent Orchestration, and Who Is It Best For?

Today, two main groups are involved in ensuring that an organization is handling customer data and consent correctly. Consent Orchestration is designed to give both teams precisely what they need. 

  • Privacy/Governance Teams – Suited for privacy or governance professionals responsible for ensuring data privacy compliance in the organization. This team typically doesn’t handle day-to-day operations of technology, they just want it to work. 
  • Implementation Teams (Marketing Ops or IT) – Best fit for implementing compliance rules/policies. It also benefits those who ensure that data is used, shared, and activated, honors and enforces the consent collected at the front end. These teams don’t have time to devote to understanding the regulations and the changing laws, they just want to do what they are told and not have to worry about the compliance piece.

Consent Orchestration features a central privacy policy configuration dashboard that the privacy team can own and manage. This gives them a single hub to configure different vendors’ purposes and fine-tune incoming data and consent to what should be handled. This includes who has access, what rules are followed in what sequence, etc. Once configured to their specifications, the system enforces those rules (without the need for manual intervention).

In addition, if any rule or configuration is not defined, the system blocks the data by default, preventing leakage and reducing risk. This feature is part of Tealium’s core principle of privacy by design. Our goal is to provide an end-to-end consented platform that streamlines consent enforcement and gives teams peace of mind with a built-in toolkit for compliance. 


In the fast-paced landscape of 2024, where AI transformations, evolving digital experiences, and heightened customer expectations take center stage, businesses cannot afford to be held back by data siloes or compromise on data privacy. As a real-time CDP, Tealium is committed to empowering companies with a proactive and effective customer data strategy, placing a “data-first” approach at the forefront. In a world where contextual, AI-driven, in-the-moment experiences are paramount, Tealium is focused on helping our customers through data-driven success in the ever-changing business landscape. To learn more, explore our product page.

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Sav Khetan
Sav Khetan is the Sr Director of Product Strategy at Tealium. He leverages 20 years of experience to help customers accelerate their shift towards audience-based marketing through the intersection of technology, data and operational strategy.

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