Personalization Kit

Consumers demand personalized experiences with brands. One of the biggest challenges for companies is fueling their personalization tools with trusted data, but if you can build the right data foundation you can craft cross-channel personalized experiences that drive growth and promote retention.


Building a Foundation for a Data-Driven Customer Experience Future

Our latest newsletter featuring a Gartner Research Note dives into how you can marry customer data management tools with customer experience strategies to deliver trusted, personalized experiences for your customers.

Unlocking Unified Customer Experiences through a Customer Data Strategy

Data is the key to any personalization effort, but it only happens when you’re able to unify the customer experience through customer data.


The Struggle is Real

Hear Tealium’s VP of Product Sav Khetan discuss the integral role of data orchestration to creating personalized digital experiences and how teams can overcome the barriers to achieving a world-class customer experience.

From In-Person to Online:
How a CDP Can Help Retailers in a Time of Change

Personalization means having the agility to meet the changing demands of the customers and the realities of the world. Hear how the new normal for retailers is driving the digital transformation revolution.

Customer Success Stories

Industry-leading brands are adopting personalization as a core part of building their customer experience.


Case Study

The Utah Jazz Double the Conversion Rate of Any Other NBA Team
By committing to serving personalized experiences, the Utah Jazz became a league leader in email marketing.

Customer Story Video

How Catalina Masters Online and Offline Personalization
Catalina is the market leader in shopper intelligence, attribution and personalized digital media, and with Tealium they’re helping companies engage shoppers online and offline, enabling them to personalize content for their clients, and providing directly attributable results and insights.

Case Study

Providence St. Joseph Health Personalizes the Call Center Experience
To provide their patients the best experience, Providence St. Joseph Health unified their online and offline customer data to provide call center agents with the real-time information they needed to provide a world-class health experience.

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3 Ways Companies Have Used a CDP for Personalization

Learn how three different brands manage personalization efforts in different channels and with unique challenges like privacy regulations.

Fuel Your Personalization with a Data-First CDP

Tealium’s Customer Data Platform is a complete foundation for all of your customer data, giving your company an independent, vendor neutral way to store and orchestrate data across the entire tech stack.

What is a CDP?


Unlock More Personalization Potential with Machine Learning

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CDP insights can now be powered by Predict Machine Learning

Work on the cutting edge of personalization with machine learning technology. Bring more intelligent audience creation to the entire tech stack. Fuel personalized, real-time customer experiences through predictive behavior models built on trusted, quality datasets.