In wake of today’s privacy-conscious consumer, ‘Consent Integrations’ ensures privacy preferences are respected throughout the entire journey


SAN DIEGO | April 19, 2023 Tealium, the largest independent and most trusted customer data platform (CDP), today launched its new Consent Integrations feature for Tealium iQ (“TiQ”, Tealium’s tag management solution). The feature supports global enterprises in delivering more personalized and trusted experiences by offering plug-and-play integration capabilities with the world’s most prominent consent management platforms (CMPs).

“Brands need a customer data solution with the stability, flexibility, and quality to support a consent framework that companies can easily ‘plug-and-play’,” said Bob Page, Senior Vice President of Product at Tealium. “Consent Integrations for Tealium iQ is the only tag management solution that seamlessly integrates with leading CMPs to help brands honor consent and privacy preferences throughout the entire customer lifecycle.”

CMPs offer multi-tiered privacy preference management capabilities, like requesting and managing first-party data. Tealium’s unique ability to integrate with the world’s top consent management authorities, including OneTrust, Didomi, and Usercentrics, allows customers’ privacy preferences to be automated and respected throughout a company’s entire data ecosystem.

“Consent is the new currency, and every customer touchpoint needs to be founded in trust and transparency in order to collect meaningful, actionable consent,” said Alex Cash, Director of Strategy, Consent & Preferences at OneTrust. “OneTrust’s CMP is the most widely used in the world and backed by the market-defining Trust Intelligence Platform. Tealium’s Consent Integrations combined with OneTrust provides users with a whole new level of control and ease of use, ensuring consent and preferences are respected so they can build trust with consumers, meet regulatory requirements, and drive a culture of responsible data use.”

As global privacy regulations expand, the need for technology to help manage consumer privacy preferences becomes greater. Tealium’s tag management solution was founded on the principles of collection and connection in real-time. This framework was primed to facilitate data privacy and security management, and the solution was first to comply with the most rigorous global privacy regulations like GDPR, CPRA, HIPAA, ISO 27001 & 27018 and SSAE18 SOC 2 Type I & II. For more information about Consent Integrations for TiQ, visit:

“Our integration with Tealium helps our customers respect user privacy and choice in the context of multiple regulations around the globe, while staying data-driven and able to leverage powerful analytics and insight,” said Jeff Wheeler, Vice President, Product at Didomi.

“Usercentrics is proud to partner and work with Tealium to continue to build market defining solutions in the constantly evolving data privacy landscape,” said Dave Unstead, Senior Partnerships Manager at Usercentrics. “We believe individuals have the right to privacy. And we believe that protecting individuals’ digital privacy is not a contradiction with enabling a thriving digital ecosystem. We see an important tension and meaningful opportunity that can be solved with technologies. Solving this trust-based value exchange in the digital world matters to people, to businesses and to society — not just now, but for generations to come.”

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