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As borders reopen and travel now back on the agenda, many holidaymakers are gearing up to grab the best experience and deals for their breaks. Research shows people are ready and excited to start creating new travel memories but are far more cautious when selecting which brands to trust.

With the rapid evolution of customer expectations, brands have an unrivalled opportunity to create consistent, trusted experiences to ensure longevity. Being able to understand your customers on a personal level has never been so important — and what’s the secret? Customer data!


The 2021 travel industry comes with new considerations, uncertainty and, last but not least, the opportunity for those agile enough to capture it. But even when the demand for travel picks up, the sector faces further complications in that travellers’ behaviours aren’t necessarily going to revert to the way they were pre-pandemic. What are the new considerations?


Buyers want safe experiences. Brands that are ready for the volume and can provide better customer experiences will win.
Buyers expect convenience. Holidaymakers and Travellers alike expect choice, convenience, and personalised experiences.
  Buyers expect trusted experiences. When people are buying online, they will purchase from the brands they trust.
Our eBook, blog, and webinar resources below will help you prepare to capitalise on this rare opportunity.

Resources to Help You Prepare

Present and Future of Travel Marketing

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The Present and Future of Travel Marketing Infographic

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Data Utilisation in a GDPR world, an Intrepid Travel story

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Tealium + Facebook Help TUI Future Proof Social Ad Spend

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to Provide Better Customer Experiences


Addressing The Present and Future of Travel Marketing

Throughout 2021, Travel Marketers have had to adapt to an extremely challenging economic environment. A new and revised approach to data management is going to be central to their future evolution.



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First-Party Data Takes the Cake


A First-Party Data Strategy takes the Cake

Learn how to use the data you obtain directly from customer relationships to provide the best customer experience (CX) possible.

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