Companies all over the world love Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) because they allow you to centralize and organize customer data from various sources into a single repository. This makes it easier for companies to better understand your customers, personalize your interactions, and drive better business outcomes – including cut costs, stronger returns on ad spends, improved compliance, and so much more. We’re feeling the love today for CDPs and our customers that use them!

By using a Customer Data Platform, companies can gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and demographics, which can inform better decision-making across departments such as marketing, product development, and customer service. Additionally, a CDP can help companies automate processes like targeting, segmentation, and personalization, leading to more efficient and effective marketing and sales efforts.

Overall, the ability to access and leverage customer data in real-time allows companies to provide a more personalized and relevant experience for your customers, which can improve customer loyalty and drive growth.

Tealium’s Esteemed Customers Love Using a Customer Data Platform Because the CDP Helps Them:

Cut Costs Through Improved Marketing Efficiency: By automating manual processes like data management, segmentation, and personalization, a customer data platform can improve the efficiency of marketing campaigns, reducing the time and resources required to execute them.

“Being able to manage our processes in-house has been critical to the business in terms of generating savings to both revenue and time. My team previously spent up to 20% of their working week managing third-party vendors, but their time has now been redirected more strategically towards business development and further streamlining internal processes.”

Anthony Green, Group Director Digital Applications & Platforms, Minor Hotels

Read the full Minor Hotels case study here.

Increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): CDPs make it easier for companies to understand who your customers are and target the right audience with your marketing campaigns, thus cutting the wasted expenditure on poor targeting and increasing the conversion rates for the campaigns you choose to run.

“Introducing the Meta Conversion API has helped us not only use our advertising budget more effectively, targeting the right customers, but also increased the number of customers who convert via these ads to make a booking. The essential measurement for us, the return on investment of that ad spend, has increased by 18% since the introduction of the Meta Conversion API. We’re looking forward to expanding our use of this tool, not only focusing on the conversion event but using that server-side data to deliver an outstanding customer experience via relevant, useful and timely remarketing ads.”

Volkan Özturan, Team Analytics Digital Commerce, Berlin TUI GROUP

See the full TUI GROUP case study here.

Cement Customer Retention: Another reason companies love Customer Data Platforms is that, by having a complete view of the customer journey, including interactions with your company, purchase history, customer service interactions, and behavior data, companies can provide contextual interactions with customers. This, in turn, helps you to better understand your customers’ behavior and preferences over time, enabling more long-term relationships with your customers.

“Our work with Tealium is helping us on our mission to make banking better, for generations to come. It’s an ongoing journey, and one that will see us continue to proactively adapt our services to meet our customers’ needs and improve the relevance of the digital content we serve them. Fully integrating customer data into our decision-making and maintaining high privacy standards are key components of our strategy to be the personal bank for this digital age.” 

Bobby van Groningen, IT Engineering Lead, ABN AMRO

See the full ABN AMRO case study here.

Personalize Customer Experiences: A company can use customer data to create highly personalized experiences for their customers, such as personalized product recommendations, targeted ads, and customized content.

“With Tealium, we’ve been able to remove siloes, connect our data, and create a new standard when it comes to understanding our customers at Bosch Power Tools. We can now build rich user profiles and execute more personalised marketing activity, while adhering to stringent data privacy regulations. This allows us to create better experiences for our users and improve our advertising efficiency. 

Tealium’s hands-on approach and continued collaboration has been key to not only a smooth deployment but also our confidence in building further on this foundation as we continue to prioritise personalisation and a data-driven marketing strategy.”

Tillmann Bross, Manager Personalization, Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH

See the full Bosch case study here.

Improve Audience Segmentation: Companies love Customer Data Platforms because, through the CDP, they can segment their customer data into groups based on demographic, behavioral, or other characteristics. This information can then be used to create targeted marketing campaigns and improve the overall customer experience.

“Personally the product I love the most, and I’m a bit of a nerd about Tealium, is the event database and the audience database. We spend so much time querying that database but we’ve discovered things like people who add to their cart are significantly more likely to purchase than someone who has signed up for our email entry which is a giveaway that we do on our brands. Without Tealium we never would have known that, but knowing that trickles throughout the entirety of our marketing program.  Now instead of optimizing towards email capture with, call it, our PPC ads, we’re optimizing towards ‘add to carts’, and really saying how can we really entice people to add to their cart and push them down the funnel.” 

Josh Averbeck, Director of Digital Marketing and E-commerce, Forever Companies

Read the full Forever Companies case study here.

Deploy Cross-Channel Marketing: A company can use a customer data platform to track customer interactions across multiple channels and touchpoints, such as email, website, social media, and in-store. This information can then be used to create a seamless, omnichannel experience for customers.

“A CDP is great for having your data all in one place and eliminates manual processes. It is extremely important that our first-party data strategy is at the heart of everything we’re doing. We want a single source of truth that we can activate across all channels.” 

Milin Shah, Digital Experience – Insights & MarTech, UPS

See the full video recording of Milin Shah’s session at Digital Velocity 2022 here.

Uncover Stronger Customer Insights: A company can use a customer data platform to gain valuable insights into their customers’ behavior, preferences, and demographics. This information can inform product development, pricing strategy, and overall business decisions.

“Tealium’s AudienceStream helps us stitch together interactions so we have a single view of the customer and their portfolio. When an event such as an application for a cash advance is triggered we can store it in our data warehouse and consolidate it with other activities and events to gain a complete view.”

Eric Fung, Head of Marketing, PrimeCredit

See the full PrimeCredit case study here.

Employ More Campaign Optimization: A company can use customer data to optimize their marketing campaigns and measure the success of their efforts. This information can be used to refine targeting, messaging, and offers, leading to more effective and efficient marketing.

“It’s critical for your CDP to work really well with the marketing tech stack that you are already using or thinking about. It’s an integrated stack and the data flow and the data capabilities to move those data sets and those audiences between the platforms that is so critical.” 

Ido Bar Oz, Senior Director, Global Tech & Cloud Partnerships, Braze

See the full video recording of Ido Bar’s session at Digital Velocity 2022 here.

Improve Data Compliance: While there are variations of data compliance that companies face, having a platform that understands your constraints and the guidelines you need to follow makes your life simpler. You should not have to worry your customer data vendor is taking all the necessary precautions to assure that you are operating legally. 

“Companies like Tealium are able to understand the data and measure ways to track engagement in a HIPAA compliant way. It becomes something you can measure, like how many people are showing up to these virtual visits. Having platforms that are HIPAA compliant, where you can see these touch points and potentially gather data, is very valuable.” 

Aimee Bios, Vp of Data and Analytics,  Zion and Zion 

See the full video recording of Aimee Bios’ session at Digital Velocity 2022 here. 

“We love Tealium because it’s allowing us to look at the data layer differently – maintenance and governance, data privacy, not just tags. Tealium has helped us tackle those issues, and they were neutral to our technology stack with all our brands. Being technology neutral is very important.” 

Ali Shoukat, Manager, Technology Innovation, Cisco

See the full video recording of Ali Shoukat’s session at Digital Velocity 2022 here.

These are just a few examples of why companies of all types and sizes love Customer Data Platforms. The specific use cases will depend on your company’s goals and the data you have available. For more information on how Tealium can support your company’s unique business objectives, click here for a free demo today! 

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