To power CX these days, maximizing your current resources in order to do more with less and work smarter not harder is the best way to “cover your bases,” so to speak. Companies are constantly faced with the pressure to constantly improve. Supply chain disruptions and an economy that is throwing strikes are making growth feel harder to accomplish.

Lucky for us – and our customers! – we have an amazing group of partners that help our customers get the absolute most out of their tech stack, streamline operations, and create home run customer experiences that will drive business through these challenging times.

While others may be stressed, we’re celebrating our customers’ success! 

Summer is heating up, barbecues are in full swing and get-togethers are on the rise, so we have decided to throw our own party with six of our closest friends… sorry, we meant to say partners

Sit back, relax and hear how our partners power CX and are changing the game during our Partner Summer Summit on Wednesday August 3rd!


AWS will be joining us for this Summit to discuss “What Creating A Great CX Entails.” AWS – Tealium customers have been able to create more comprehensive and actionable insights to better understand and help their customers, all powered by the robust customer data use cases in marketing, demand gen, sales growth, and customer service. Through seven different integrations with AWS and Tealium, customer experiences are more powerful than ever before.

“Combining our  industry-leading platform with AWS services, [has given] our customers the ability to manage the data supply chain in real-time and promote standardized, unified, customer data across their AWS infrastructure in a secure manner.”


– Matthew Gray, the Vice President of Global Partnerships at Tealium

We are so excited to hear AWS speak on how this partnership continues to drive winning customer experiences. 

Learn more about why AWS and Tealium are better together here!


Invoca is an “AI-powered call tracking and analytics platform that helps marketers get campaign attribution and actionable data from inbound phone calls.” Tealium and Invoca combine their capabilities to enable more accurate insights and better customer experiences through online and offline interactions. 

Tealium helps Invoca integrate customer data from a variety of sources enabling Invoca to capture a more robust view of a user, even before that user places a call to the call center. This allows Invoca to intelligently route the call for better customer experiences. Additionally, Invoca’s call data can be passed directly back to Tealium, further enriching the visitor profile to fuel the rest of the digital ecosystem. 

Ian Dailey, VP of Product Marketing at Invoca, will be on our “Bonfire Chat: Connecting, Enriching and Activating Data to Drive Engaging and Innovative Customer Experiences” panel for our Partner Summer Summit! 

To find out more about this home run of a partnership, check out our Invoca Technical Alliance spotlight


Tealium’s enriched customer profiles, built from online and offline data, enables Facebook advertisers to take action using a complete view of the customer. Leveraging trusted, first-party data from across the customer lifecycle, organizations can maximize their media investment while delivering a high-quality advertising experience.

“As a marketer, it can be frustrating to face limitations using data to engage customers how you want. Using Tealium and Facebook’s integrations, brands get unparalleled flexibility collecting and using customer data on Facebook to increase agility and drive revenue.”


– Heidi Bullock, Tealium CMO, shares her appreciation for the Tealium-Meta partnership

Don’t miss Emily Wilson, Product Growth Manager at Meta, in our Partner Summer Summit session, “Creating a Connection Between Your Data & Tech with Conversions API.”

You can also check out Tealium and Meta’s recent collaboration for the eBook, “The First-Party Future of Marketing” to learn more about how Tealium and Meta power CX by helping companies use first-party data to optimise customer experiences.

Shift Paradigm 

Shift Paradigm is a certified, strategic Tealium partner that has helped implement and support multiple Tealium Customer Data Hub Customers, including Edwards LifeSciences, UpWork and Brandt Information Services. They offer an audience audit that can help customers brainstorm new segments and campaign strategies, which is helpful in situations where a customer has purchased our CDP but didn’t have a roadmap on strategy.

Michael Davis, the Corporate Strategy Seat at Shift Paradigm, spoke with us about the way that Shift Paradigm and Tealium are working together during DV ‘22 Taking Advantage of External Resources Available to You.

“We think about all the things that you need in order to create a personalized message and a very targeted segment-led type of experience. We help organizations navigate the type of technology that’s going to be necessary to make that all a reality.” 


– Michael Davis, the Corporate Strategy Seat at Shift Paradigm

Michael Davis, VP of Corporate Strategy at Shift Paradigm, will be on our “Bonfire Chat: Connecting, Enriching and Activating Data to Drive Engaging and Innovative Customer Experiences” panel for our Partner Summer Summit!


Snap, also known as Snapchat, and Tealium have partnered to make advertising and marketing on Snapchat safer and more reliable. Marketing trends continue to show that more and more advertisers are leaning into Snapchat Advertising. Tealium has partnered with them to power CX by facilitating their Conversions API and their Snapchat Audience Match. Optimizing ad campaigns, improving targeting and measuring the conversions that resulted from your Snapchat campaigns. 

Tealium’s native support for Snapchat Audience Match makes it easier to implement and enrich your digital stack. Snap Audience Match (SAM) and allows advertisers to use first-party data to create an Audience Segment. The segment can then be used to target or exclude a specific group of users. 

Don’t miss Adam Schatz, Product Marketing Manager at SNAP, discuss “Enriching Your Advertising Targeting Strategies with First-Party Data” at this year Partner Summer Summit!

Zion & Zion

Zion & Zion power CX by providing its global clients with a unique combination of services across marketing technology, analytics, data visualization, creative content, UX/CX and digital media. Zion & Zion enables Tealium clients to gather and enrich data through our Customer Data Platform. Their agency’s subject matter experts develop use-case strategies to act on audiences to drive high return on digital media spend, as well as innovative and engaging customer experiences.

Our partnership with Zion & Zion is truly geared towards making the most out of helping the customers.

“Across all of our teams we have subject matter experts who are also trained in Tealium. Our paid media team, our UX team, and our marketing automation team are also all trained as Tealium subject matter experts. They’ve gone through certification, they’ve passed their certifications, and they regularly work in Tealium.”


– Aimee Bos, the Vice President of Data and Analytics at Zion & Zion

You can see Aric Zion, CEO Zion & Zion, on our “Bonfire Chat: Connecting, Enriching and Activating Data to Drive Engaging and Innovative Customer Experiences” panel for our Partner Summer Summit! 

Register now four our Partner Summer Summit to hear more about how companies all over the world are easily creating more forward-thinking and innovative customer experiences with the power of Tealium’s all-star partner network. We cannot wait for all the insights as we celebrate summer and our amazing partnerships!


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Sophie Saddik
Sophie Saddik Is the Content Marketing Intern at Tealium. She is currently studying at NYU with a concentration in English Literature and International Relations.

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