Tealium’s latest integration with AWSAmazon Pinpoint — is an exciting milestone in the partnership between our two companies. This new integration will allow joint customers to leverage Tealium AudienceStream CDP and EventStream API Hub to fuel campaigns and user journeys built in the Amazon Pinpoint Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) with rich, unified, first-party customer data sets in real-time. 

Amazon Pinpoint is a multi-channel marketing service on AWS, built to help marketers drive both outbound and inbound marketing campaigns across multiple channels like email, SMS, push notifications, and even voice. Amazon Pinpoint is easy to set up, easy to use and is flexible for all marketing communication scenarios. Now, with more customer insight at their fingertips, marketers can put it to work in maximizing campaign performance and driving superior customer experience via Amazon Pinpoint. 

Leveraging Tealium to Maximize Amazon Pinpoint Performance

The new Amazon Pinpoint + Tealium integration will allow both Tealium and Amazon Pinpoint to operate to their full potential as the integration is designed to allow business agility and connectivity at scale. Amazon Pinpoint drives customer interactions across email, SMS, push, and voice communications. For successful execution of campaigns and user journeys that drive engagement and business results, communication must be personalized and timely based on rich customer insights. That’s where a data-driven CDP like Tealium steps in to help fill the gaps!

For many Tealium customers, Tealium AudienceStream CDP is a critical component for managing an increasing volume of customer data resulting from the proliferation of digital channels and devices paired with increasing customer expectations to be understood and addressed in a personalized fashion throughout the entire customer journey. Tealium helps with the process of learning/ anticipating customers shifting needs and how they respond to marketing offers and sync those learnings back to a Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) such as Amazon Pinpoint in real-time to ensure ongoing and timely relevance.  

4 Ways Tealium helps optimize Amazon Pinpoint deployments

1. Collect, Unify, and augment customer data 

Tealium offers flexible (real-time and batch) data collection capabilities across platforms and devices and unifies siloed customer data sets with patented Identity Resolution capability to build a customer 360 understanding/ view. The data collected/ ingested by Tealium can be augmented/ enriched to unlock net new insights. 

Digital and non-digital customer insights (clickstream data, CRM updates, contact center interactions, offline data, ML scores, and next best offers, etc.) can be onboarded and leveraged as signals to trigger campaigns/ journeys in Amazon Pinpoint in real-time and turnkey fashion. Tealium will help understand at what journey stage a customer is, and how they respond to marketing offers/ communication.  

2. Governance, privacy & security compliance

Control the flow of customer data-based user consent/ permissions in a secure way. Ensure proper formatting and completeness of customer data at the point of collection and before it reaches Amazon Pinpoint.  This is critical to regulatory compliance.

3. Real-time (agnostic) data activation

Customer insights are accessible/ activated via Tealium in real-time, based on a single version of the truth. This will ensure consistent, personalized experiences across all touchpoints supported by Amazon Pinpoint and outside it (paid media, CRM, contact center, POS … etc). This is critical to prevent broken/ inconsistent user experiences leading to churn, lower NPS, and marketing budget waste. 

4. Predict Outcomes
Leverage Tealium Predict ML capabilities to anticipate and delight customer needs in interaction channels supported by Amazon Pinpoint and outside it (paid media, chat, web and mobile personalization). This is critical to drive customer lifetime value and reduce churn. 

Sample AWS Pinpoint and Tealium dataflow

Those rich customer insights gleaned via Tealium will help drive personalized communication for the right person, at the right time, on the right channel and with the right offer through Amazon Pinpoint. Tealium will also extend the same personalized, relevant experiences in channels outside Amazon Pinpoint such as:

  • Paid media (social, search, display)
  • Chat systems
  • Web/ in-app personalization
  • CRM
  • Big data
  • Contact center applications and more… 

Why is this important?

Consistent personalized omnichannel user experiences will reduce the risk of a broken user experience as they move between channels. The business value is driving business growth, customer lifetime value, loyalty, and marketing ROI optimization.  

Learn More

Our latest integration allows marketers to build more “just for me” multi-channel marketing campaigns by bringing more customer insights from Tealium directly to Amazon Pinpoint in real-time.

Ready to dive deeper? Head to our AWS + Tealium solutions overview and see how we can help you supercharge your AWS instance.

Head to our AWS + Tealium solutions overview and see how we can help you supercharge your AWS instance.

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