Any advertiser worth their CPC budget will tell you that better data equals better visibility into return on ad spend (ROAS), but traditional advertising measurement is starting to foggier by the day. This year in particular, marketers have balanced executing campaigns while facing one platform or privacy change after another across the entire online advertising industry. Today, about 30% of all browser traffic is third-party cookie challenged and that number is expected to increase to around 80% by 2023. These industry changes, along with changing consumer behaviors and an increased focus on privacy, result in businesses having less customer insight to meaningfully advertise to potential customers and measure the impact of those efforts. 

For most marketers, the change will be significant (or already is) and marketers that have invested in the creation of first-party customer data assets have the advantage today, tomorrow, and probably for the long term. To power privacy-centric advertising in a world without third-party cookies, businesses need to start putting more of their first-party data to work. Earlier this month, Google launched enhanced conversions for Google Ads that allows advertisers to start doing just that. 

Powering Privacy-Centric Advertising in a Changing Landscape

We’re excited to announce the addition of Google Ads enhanced conversions to our industry-leading integrations marketplace, providing an easy way for our customers to put more first-party data to work to optimize their ad spend. As of today, Tealium is one of the only platforms in the market that provides a simple, turnkey integration that enables marketers to deliver rich first-party data to Google Ads enhanced conversions in just a few steps. 

The combination of Tealium with Google Ads opens up new ways for our customers to improve the reliability of data sharing, leverage conversion data from more places where your customers are interacting with your brand, and ultimately help increase return on ad spend across Google Search and YouTube. 

Sound exciting? I thought so. Let’s dive into the details. 

What is Google Ads Enhanced Conversions?

Google Ads enhanced conversions is a conversion measurement feature in Google Ads that enables more accurate conversion measurement by increasing observable data and improving the overall quality of conversion modeling. 

It allows conversion tags or server-to-server APIs to capture consented, hashed customer data advertisers collect on their conversion page (e.g. email addresses) and then matches it against Google logged-in data. Advertisers that have implemented enhanced conversions in Google’s alpha program saw, on average, a conversion rate improvement of 5% on Search and 12% on Youtube. This data also flows into all of Google’s advertising products, improving bid management.

Tealium and Google Ads Enhanced Conversions 

Tealium EventStream API Hub provides a pre-built, turnkey connector for Google Ads enhanced conversions. This connector opens up new ways for our customers to improve the reliability of data sharing, leverage conversion data that a pixel might not capture and ultimately help increase return on ad spend across Google Search and YouTube. This new connector opens up some really great use cases to take advantage of right away like:

  • More Reliable Website Tracking: Use Tealium to send data to Google Ads using both the pixel and Google’s enhanced conversions API, where server-side events complement conversions not captured through Google Ads client tags due to technical or privacy limitations.
  • Gain Insight into Additional Events: There may be key events that you only track server-side, or additional events that happen somewhere else lower in the funnel (e.g., App, CRM, Support Interactions, and offline data like point of sale systems). With Tealium you can simply stream these server-side events to Google Ads for conversion modeling and measurement as well as any other ads, CX or analytics destination.

With just these two use cases we’ve seen many of our enterprise customers already returning some incredible results from their Google Ads campaigns. 

Where Can I Learn More?

Are you ready to start putting more of your first-party data to work in Google Ads? You can learn more about enhanced conversions in Google Ads by visiting this blog or reading our solution overview, or registering for our on-demand webinar

Tealium customers that are ready to get connected today can read our step-by-step setup guide or reach out to your customer success manager for more info.

Post Author

Travis Cameron
Travis Cameron is the Regional Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Tealium, leading global system integrators, agency holding companies, and technology partners in partnering with the world leader in Customer Data Management. Today, he serves as an advisor to his partners & their clients to educate, and enable them on the changing industry, and how to navigate it with Tealium or Tealium's partner's technologies. He is a professional in marketing and data consulting with over a decade of experience working at one of the first global business agencies with GALE partners, and now at Tealium, the pioneer of the CDP industry. His expertise has concentrated on distilling technology, marketing, data analysis, and big data needs into actionable strategies and tactics for his clients, and with his partners. He works with leaders from global service companies, and technology vendors to provide a perspective on what is coming next in the industry, and developing partnerships to incubate new solutions for changing technologies.

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