Better Together: Google + Tealium

Power better experiences with better data through Tealium’s integrations with products like Google Analytics®, Google Tag Manager®, Google Ads® and more.

Work with the Tools You Love

The Tealium Customer Data Hub is vendor-neutral and supports the tech stack you have today… and tomorrow. Add value to your existing tech stack with unified data from every customer touchpoint across all your tools while avoiding vendor lock-in.

Tealium’s turnkey integration ecosystem supports over 1,300 client-side and server-side vendors and technologies, empowering brands to create a unified, real-time customer data infrastructure.

Why Combine a Customer Data Hub With Your Google Products?

Tealium was built to serve as a neutral data layer to fuel trusted data to all the tools that you love. Combining Tealium Customer Data Hub and Google products as well as your tech stack as a whole unlocks the power to deliver timely, contextual, and consistent customer experiences.

Key Benefits

  • Trusted and unified data across your Google products and the rest of your tech stack
  • Simplified data management unlocking operational efficiencies – stop wasting time in ETL and data wrangling!
  • Ensure your marketing cloud and the rest of your tech stack are working together, seamlessly
  • Add the power of an enterprise Customer Data Platform to your Google stack

The Tealium Customer Data Hub integrates across many Google advertising, analytics, and cloud products including:


Google Analytics®
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Google Optimize®


Google Tag Manager®
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Google Ads®
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Google Ads®  Enhanced Conversions
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Google Cloud Pub/Sub®
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Google Big Query®


Google DoubleClick®
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Tealium and Google Ads Enhanced Conversions

Featured Integration

The way in which advertising is informed by data will continue to fundamentally change over the coming years. To power privacy-centric advertising in a world without third-party cookies, businesses need to start delivering a first-party driven approach.

The combination of Tealium’s Customer Data Hub and Google Ads Enhanced Conversions can help advertisers preserve conversion measurement, improve the observability of conversions lost due to technical limitations, and drive better targeting and ad optimization by helping businesses leverage first-party data from across their organization.

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Tealium Customer Data Hub + Google Analytics

Thousands of digital properties rely on Google Analytics to drive insight on web performance as well as how visitors are engaging with campaigns and content. Tealium supercharges Google Analytics deployments by capturing online and offline customer data, correlating it and bringing it into Google Analytics for omnichannel customer insights. Analysts can also create customer insights with the same audiences and segments being used for engagement.

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Tealium Customer Data Hub + Google Ads

When it comes to digital marketing campaigns, real time matters. Tealium’s real-time data infrastructure helps fuel Google Doubleclick, Ads, and Floodlight with real-time event data and audiences. Tealium’s Customer Data Hub also allows advertisers to leverage new API-based integrations like Google Ads Enhanced Conversions to help improve advertising measurement by helping businesses leverage consented, first-party data from across their organization.

Customers can go further in optimizing campaigns and ad spend with machine learning insights. Tealium Predict ML enables you to predict customer behavior and take proactive action across all your advertising channels.

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Tealium AudienceStream CDP + Google Tag Manager

It’s no secret that tag-based data collection is still a key component to getting a complete view of your customers. Google Tag Manager can now simply be leveraged as a data source within the Tealium Customer Data Hub! The combination of Tealium AudienceStream and Google Tag Manager allows businesses to turn clicks and pageviews into unified customer profiles through a simple integration. 

Learn more about how Tealium AudienceStream CDP and Tag Management Systems work together. 

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Additional Benefits

Better Customer Data:

Understand every customer across every touchpoint – Build robust customer profiles from online data such as web and mobile, as well as offline data such as point of sale, CRM, call center, loyalty tools, etc.

Infrastructure to Collect and Deliver Data – Regardless of the data sources you have, Tealium provides options to better capture and use data.

Real-Time – Real-time matters when it comes to campaign management. Fuel marketing campaigns with event data and audiences in real time.


Work with the Tools You Love – Tealium allows you to build a vendor-neutral and trusted data foundation. Easily fuel your Google products and the rest of your tech stack with unified customer data.

Simple and Powerful Google Integrations – Tealium provides deep integrations into Google products that eliminate ETL and data wrangling time as well as open up ease of use functionality like launching Google Adwords campaigns right from Tealium’s interface.

Client-side and server-side infrastructure – Have confidence when serving or suppressing ads based on customer behavior across any brand interaction point.

Fuel Your Cloud Analytics Efforts – Tealium’s DataAccess supports real-time data integrations with Google Cloud Pub/Sub to fuel your cloud architecture and analytics efforts with real-time data.

More Information


Browse our Google integration documentation to plan your strategy:

Analytics: Google Analytics

Messaging:  Firebase

Data / Tables:  Google Sheets

Advertising: Google Ads Conversions

Advertising: Google Ads

Advertising: Doubleclick – Floodlight

Cloud: Google Cloud Pub/Sub

And more…


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