Better Together: Google + Tealium

Power better measurement, attribution and targeting through Tealium’s integrations with Google Ads®, Campaign Manager 360 & Search Ads 360, Google Analytics®, Google Tag Manager®, and more.

Optimize your Marketing & Advertising Power

Digital marketing and analytics teams today are faced with new challenges in the way they collect customer data. About 30% of all browser traffic is third-party cookie-challenged and that number is expected to increase to around 80% by 2024 when Google phases out third-party cookies in its Chrome browser. This, along with changing consumer behaviors and an increased focus on privacy, results in businesses having less customer insight to meaningfully advertise to potential customers and measure the impact of those efforts.

Featured Integrations: Enhanced Conversions for Web (EC) for Google Ads & Search Ads 360

The way in which advertising is informed by data will continue to fundamentally change over the coming years. To power privacy-centric advertising in a world without third-party cookies, businesses need to start delivering a first-party driven approach.

EC is a conversion tracking feature that enables more accurate conversion measurement when cookies are not available by increasing observable data and improving overall quality of conversion modeling. It allows advertisers to capture hashed customer data collected on their conversion page (e.g. email addresses) and then matches it against Google logged-in data.


The combination of Tealium’s Customer Data Hub and Google Ads Enhanced Conversions can help advertisers preserve conversion measurement, improve the observability of conversions lost due to technical limitations, and drive better targeting and ad optimization by helping businesses leverage first-party data from across their organization.

Enhanced Conversions in Search Ads 360 (SA360) can improve the accuracy of your conversion measurement and unlock more powerful bidding. It supplements your existing conversion tags by sending hashed first-party conversion data from your website to Google in a privacy-safe way.

Key Benefits

1 17% Average conversion rate uplift for YouTube for Action
2 5% Median conversion rate uplift for Search
3 Improved modeling & bidding due to more observable conversion data, leading to higher ROAS and lower CPA

Tealium offers no-cost, white glove implementation services for the Google Ads and Search Ads 360 Enhanced Conversions connectors.