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CDP + 1,200 Integrations

The world’s largest integration marketplace, allows you to unify your customer data in one comprehensive platform

  • Identity resolution
  • Data enrichment
  • Audience management

Real-time data collection and activation from across your technology stack

  • 1,200+ integrations from A(dobe) to Z(endesk)

“[Tealium is] the conductor of our MarTech orchestra.”

Do More With Tealium AudienceStream™ CDP

A Customer Data Platform needs to be more than just another technology in the stack. The CDP is the technology that breaks down the silos and enables teams and tools across the entire company. That’s why data-focused CDPs that unify customer data and have built-in functionality to enrich, control, secure, and grow from that foundation are critical to the long-term success of your digital transformation.

Explore Our Integrations Marketplace

With over 1,200 integrations and counting, you can connect every part of your technology stack to Tealium’s Customer Data Platform, AudienceStream. Find them all in our Integrations Marketplace.

  • AWS S3
  • Bronto
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Campaigns and Conversions
  • Facebook
  • CheetahMail
  • Criteo
  • Demandware

CDP + Robust InfoSec

Tealium AudienceStream CDP is designed for companies who deal with highly regulated customer data. Tealium has extensive experience partnering with customers to assist on compliance efforts for a diverse array of industry regulations.


European Union GDPR

As a GDPR-compliant data processor supplying data to your marketing technology ecosystem, the Tealium Customer Data Hub is an ideal place to manage your 1st-party data and consent for GDPR.


Health Information (HIPAA)

Tealium offers a single-tenant, private cloud hosting solution with data secured to HIPAA standards but not intended to be a repository of Health Records.


Payment Card Industry (PCI)

Tealium offers a single tenant, private cloud hosting solution with data secured to PCI standards but not intended to be a repository of Cardholder data.


Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

Tealium partners with clients on CSA compliance needs leveraging the secure AWS infrastructure.


California Consumer Privacy Act

Scheduled for January 1, 2020, CCPA regulates personal information collection and data usage by businesses. Tealium is actively monitoring developments and is committed to addressing CCPA compliance.

“One of the big parts that Tealium plays for us is around integrity and using our data ethically. How we expose that to our customers and let our customers control that has obviously become a lot more important since GDPR because it’s a legal requirement. But it’s something we want to see for all of our customers, not just our EU customers. People can have granular control over their data.”
Phil Lees, Intrepid Group

CDP + Enterprise Data Infrastructure

“With Tealium, we have standardized the data later across all Gap, Inc. brands, centralized tag management with iQ [tag management], enabled robust on-site personalization and external marketing with AudienceStream, reached global compliance goals with Consent Manager, streamed data to our internal Data Warehouse in real time with EventStream, and much more.”

With Tealium AudienceStream, our Customer Data Platform, you have a unified platform for server-side and client-side data.

  • Create a more complete customer profile
  • Maximize third-party data
  • Supply your data lake or data warehouse with as much data as possible

CDP + Enterprise Scale

“The key difference for us is that now we are still able to work with existing partners, but we can do it much more efficiently. Rather than having each of our partners own all these segments and charging us money to create them, we can do that in house now and push it out,”
Scott Sturcke, Director, Online Marketing, Epson America

With Tealium, you have the enterprise support and capabilities you need to create a reliable and scalable customer data solution.

  • 99% data delivery accuracy
  • Robust user profiles and permissions
  • Strong built-in data governance tools

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  • Provide teams with a complete view of the customer across the entire lifecycle
  • Remove the barriers to siloed data sources across multiple departments and technologies
  • Keep up with the ever-changing requirements for data privacy regulations
  • Future-proof your customer data strategy