Business Intelligence

You want to use data to find insights and solve complex business challenges.

But you don’t always have all the data needed to see the full picture.

As BI professionals, you like understanding what makes people act; finding answers to challenging questions that move your business forward; and creating optimizations and efficiencies for your organization. But what you love to do is often sidelined by not having all the data you need to do your job. Each team in your organization collects a ton of valuable data, but each use their own data sources that don’t talk to each other or have the level of granularity you need. These disparate data sources create fragmented views of your customers and their journeys.

Tealium wants to let you do what you do best.

Our mission is to help BI teams get back to their core purpose, while allowing them to embrace data, technology, and change. We do this by providing unfettered access to your complete customer data set.


Get your data in order

It all starts with data, and for many, that means tags. Tealium’s approach to data starts with the Universal Data Layer where you develop a data roadmap that unites all of your digital technologies with common definitions in your nomenclature. From there, your data is collected at the point of creation across web, mobile, IoT, and connected devices, resulting in clean, correlated data sets across teams, tools, and technologies.

Unfettered access to all your data

With DataAccess, you own all of your data, eliminating the need to buy back data from your vendors. Say goodbye to wasteful time spent piecing together fragmented data with access to a complete and correlated data set available in your time frame. Stitch online and offline data assets to provide a rich, ready-to-query visitor data set. Power your teams and technologies to work together leveraging a shared business language and the same customer data set.


Build universal profiles your business can act on

Gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior by stitching together unknown and known profiles to provide marketing and customer intelligences teams with a complete set of actionable online and offline interaction data. The result — your business teams can now take real-time action everywhere.


Enhance Your Marketing Channel
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