Solution Briefs

Review digital marketing challenges and solutions from the lens of a specific industry or professional objective.

Tealium is a proven leader in solving some of today’s toughest digital marketing challenges across a breadth of industries. This compilation of briefs, focused on both industry verticals and professional titles, shows how Tealium solves these challenges so global brands can create a more productive, cost effective and empowering digital marketing footprint.

Tealium iQ – Enterprise Tag Management

Group of Marketers Collaborating
Tealium iQ for Digital Marketing Professionals

More than ever, today’s marketers are turning to cloud-based digital solutions to improve efficiency and results. Tags have become the standard for data collection, leaving marketers reliant on them to gather the right data about visitor activity and take action to improve their experience.

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Woman Programmer at Computer
Tag Management for IT

IT and web development teams are busy, very busy. There are higher priorities for IT than deploying new online technologies for the marketing team or making constant changes to existing JavaScript tags. The result: an unhappy and inefficient marketing team and unproductive developers. We can help.

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Manager leading a meeting
Tealium iQ for C-Level Executives

Digital marketing vendors support your online initiatives and are critical to your business. But tags can have drawbacks: they are expensive to maintain, sap valuable IT resources and can delay critical marketing campaigns. Tag management can be instrumental in streamlining your operations and bringing agility to your teams.

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Woman working behind computer
Tealium iQ for Web Analytics Professionals

Today’s data-driven businesses face a fluid and unpredictable set of measurement requirements. In modern marketing organisations, getting results depend on strong analytics and getting strong analytics requires strong and flexible tag implementations.

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Tealium AudienceStream – Real-Time Segmentation and Action

Digital Marketers Collaborating
AudienceStream for Digital Marketing

Today’s marketers are under pressure to measure marketing effectiveness accurately and determine how best to leverage emergent technology and a sheer volume of data for segments, channels and campaigns. A central visitor profile can be the key to powering a variety of strategic marketing initiatives and drive results.

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Three smiling marketers
AudienceStream for Media Buyers

There is an almost daily deluge of new ways to reach and influence consumers. Most likely, buying strategies such as programmatic, omnichannel, and native advertising are being incorporated into your media plans. To flourish in this demanding environment, true unified marketing is needed.

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Several people checking email on multiple devices
AudienceStream for E-Mail Marketing

Today’s digital marketers face a challenging landscape of siloed applications and fragmented multichannel data, resulting in splintered and less effective marketing programmes. When email marketers and their systems are supplied with rich, timely visitor data, interactions are more relevant and engagement is improved substantially.

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Sales guy behind a computer
AudienceStream for

Sales and customer service teams are under pressure to increase revenues, engage prospects and keep customers happy. There are also increasingly important customer intelligence challenges to understand the customer journey through a myriad of digital touch points.

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Tealium AudienceStream for Retargeting and Remarketing

Retargeting and remarketing are a proven way to increase conversion rates for email and ad campaigns. Research shows that web site visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70 percent more likely on average to take a valuable action on your web site.

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Tealium AudienceStream on a tablet
AudienceStream for Online Advertising

Instant access to rich first-party customer data and abundant market reach will strengthen your ability to deliver the marketing strategies and messaging necessary for successful advertising campaigns.

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Tealium Customer Data Platform – Powering the Real-Time Enterprise

Woman Making Online Purchase
Tealium for E-Commerce

The e-commerce ecosystem is increasingly complex and competitive. Beyond extending brand offerings to multiple channels and satisfying sophisticated and demanding consumers, e-commerce professionals face integration, measurement, and optimisation challenges.

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Woman sitting outside reading tablet device
Tealium for Publishers

Keeping up with the content needs of your audience is a constantly moving target. You are balancing a positive user experience for your audience with the needs of your advertisers for branded content, new ad formats and contextual placement. Bringing order to this chaos requires a strong foundation, that’s where we come in.

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Team Meeting
Tealium for Lead Generation

Generating and nurturing leads are lynchpins in B2B marketing. Digital marketing is a powerful driver of leads and revenue, so efficient tag management can make a positive difference in your lead-gen and optimisation efforts.

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