Mobile & IoT

Activate Customer Data for Mobile Strategies

Customer data fuels business, plain and simple. In order to unlock the power of your customer data for mobile, it should be:

  • Defined in your terms
  • Enriched with metrics uniquely meaningful to your business
  • Actionable in real time across every channel

Regardless of channel or the screens your customers are on – mobile, tablet, desktop, smartwatch, you-name-it – Tealium is the vendor-neutral, data-centric platform that delivers on this new standard required for success in the multi-device era.


Stitching Mobile into Marketing Intel

If customer data fuels your business, devices fuel customer interactions. Today, consumers bounce from mobile, to tablet, to desktop and back again, leaving a dusty trail of digital clues for marketers and analysts to sleuth through and then hypothesize their most budget efficient marketing plays. Mix in the added complexity of known and unknown visitor states, and investigative efforts increase exponentially.

Let Tealium do the sleuthing for you in real time with visitor stitching. This Tealium AudienceStream™ feature matches profiles using a mix of identifiers you choose, merging all event and visitor data into one master profile. With visitor stitching on the case, you are free to focus on the meaningful connections with people that, regardless of device, further your message.

Activate Your Data in Real Time

Tealium allows you to capture an otherwise fleeting opportunity to engage and convert customers in the moments that matter most – once they’ve traversed your digital doorstep. Listening in real time for specific event or profile conditions to be met, Tealium then automatically triggers action across the martech tools that you already use.


This is seizing the opportunity to connect with John, as he bounces from one device to another, with a consistent and relevant messaging experience in real time. Siloed, backwards-looking, batch practices devoid of a complete view of customers like John are losing to end-to-end and real-time actionable profiles. Modern marketers can now put down their detective kits and focus on connecting with people in meaningful ways never before possible.