Transform and Enrich to Create a Valuable Data Foundation

Data fuels customer understanding. Having that data in customer profiles enables data orchestration automating customer experience actions.

Standardized data is then ready for transformation and enrichment, which creates a single customer view (with your own customer insights built in based on business rules). This view is the basis for activating data across teams and technologies with a vendor neutral approach.


Create a Continuous Customer View Across Touchpoints with Identity Resolution

Tealium’s patented Visitor Stitching functionality, part of Tealium AudienceStream Customer Data Platform, provides the technical basis for creating a single, real-time view of each of your customers using your own Identity Resolution strategy.

The AudienceStream Customer Data Platform becomes the central hub where customer data is orchestrated across customer touchpoints, teams and technologies.

Machine Learning Insights That Let You Target the Best Prospects and Customers (and Exclude the Rest)

It’s almost cliche to say that customer experience is all about targeting the right customer, at the right time, with the right message. With customer data volume and complexity higher than ever and rising, brands need new, data-driven ways to automate analysis of that data.

Enter Tealium Predict ML, an innovative feature for our AudienceStream CDP enabling marketers and business users to engage the best prospects and customers based on their likelihood to achieve any goal you define.


Work with Visit and Visitor-level Data

Raw event data contains the seeds of customer behavior insights, but that basic, building-block data needs to be transformed into customer-level intelligence.

Build Attributes, Rules, and Actions

Combine and enrich customer data in any way. Build insights directly into your data with attributes you define. Automate actions based on your own business rules

Customer Testimonial

How the Utah Jazz Orchestrate Customer Data Across Digital Properties
In this interview, Jared Geurts, Senior Director, Marketing Analytics at the Utah Jazz, discusses how Tealium powered the orchestration of their customer data, enabling the delivery of real-time, relevant experiences across channels.

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