It Starts with Flexible and Comprehensive Data Collection

The most valuable dataset has access to all possible data. This means collecting data in a variety of ways with flexible collection tools.

The Tealium Customer Data Hub is the only data platform giving you a comprehensive set of tools to collect data, no matter the technology or customer touchpoint.


Client-side Data

Get traditional client-side data collection capabilities with our industry-leading TMS to manage data through tags, javascript, pixels, etc.


Server-side Data

Manage data server-side using cloud infrastructure with a comprehensive set of code libraries, SDKs, APIs and our marketplace of pre-built connectors available through the UI.


Get Options for Mobile, Connected Devices, and IoT Data Collection

Mobile data presents unique challenges compared to legacy data collection. Make sure to take a unified approach so you don’t create new silos to overcome down the road.

Use Flexible Omnichannel Data Uploads When Needed

When data can’t be collected directly at the source, use our flexible Omnichannel functionality to bring in visitor data from other enterprise sources, such as offline sales data. Tealium supports FTP/SFTP, Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure file transfer services.

Customer Testimonial

Powering Enterprise-wide Data Collection & Measurement at 3M
3M’s journey with Tealium began with Tealium iQ Tag Management to comply with EU cookie management regulations, but quickly exploded from there to include the Customer Data Hub. The Insights & Analytics team uses Tealium to support the business process for behavioral and attitudinal measurement systems at the enterprise level.

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