Standardize to Make Data Easier to Use

Working with data from many places can be challenging. With a little upfront setup, you can unlock huge advantages making data easier to use and analyze.

Data collected through Tealium iQ Tag Management and Tealium EventStream is then standardized in the data layer, which drives usage of data for customer engagement and analysis


Take a Data Layer Approach

Tealium provides tools to create a Data Layer and map individual data to/from that taxonomy ensure the portability and understanding of data

Use Extensions to Transform Data at Collection

Extensions to standardize data allow collected data to be changed as needed for use in other systems, to increase data quality, or increase data security, among other use cases.


Maintain Data Quality

In combination with the data layer approach, setup Event Specifications to visually inspect collected data and ensure it‘s flowing in as expected with our Live Events feature.

Customer Testimonial

Making Data a First-Class Citizen at Domino’s
As Director of E-commerce Development Operations at Domino’s, Jason McMann has seen digital transformation first-hand. Over 50% of Domino’s sales now come from digital channels. Transforming a local pizza delivery company into an e-commerce company that just happens to sell pizza is no easy task, but clearly worth the effort based on Domino’s recent revenue.

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