Addendum GL
Grey Labeling Addendum (GL)


This Grey Labeling Addendum (“GL Addendum”) is incorporated into, and made a part of, the Service Order that references this GL Addendum, and constitutes a part of the MSA (as defined in the Service Order) between Tealium and Customer (as identified in such Service Order). This GL Addendum applies only if Customer has purchased the ability to Grey-label the Services as shown in the Service Order.

Grey-labeling Description. Tealium allows for Grey-labeling the Services for Customer to support a unified Customer-branded experience for Services provided through the platform.

 Tag Delivery and Data collection endpoints: Customer will provide Tealium with domains or sub-domains per feature as instructed by Tealium during implementation. Tealium and Customer undertake to implement canonical naming (“CNAME” or “CNAMING”), of one (1) or more of the following to support Customer’s unified branding appearance based on the Services purchased by Customer: (i) one (1) CDN service, (ii) data collection point(s), (iii) data enrichment, and (iv) view-through-cookie-service (if separately purchased by Customer). Tealium will choose the CDN in its sole discretion. Tealium will use the supplied domains, will CNAME the features of the Services described above, including SSL configuration for secure communication and custom namespace client-side JavaScript code.

 Tealium’s user interface will remain on Tealium-owned domains, Tealium infrastructure and with Tealium branding, such as but not limited to Tealium’s user interface, Documentation, administrative APIs and/or other programmatic access endpoints.  This Service does not provide assurance that detection tools will always identify the code base as non-Tealium or that the removal of all references to ‘Tealium’ within the Code is comprehensive. CNAME-ing may result in additional latency in DNS resolution. Tealium’s SLA is not applicable with respect to any latency or other issues arising from Customer Grey-labeling.

Tealium supports the multiple loading of Tealium iQ Tag Management Services on a single page.  Tealium is responsible for troubleshooting and bug fixes arising from conflicts in core Tealium iQ functions; such as data scoping, load rules and extensions where applicable.  Customer is responsible for any conflicts or collisions arising from the dual loading of vendor tags and/or incorrect custom code.

Order of Precedence. In the event of a conflict between the terms of the GL Addendum and the other provisions of the MSA, including the Terms of Service, the terms of this GL Addendum will prevail.

Grey Labeling v28FEB2019