Are You Ready for the Biggest
Digital Holiday Season Ever?

Learn How to Prepare for and Capitalize on
the Coming Surge in Online Shopping

With so many consumers turning to digital channels to safely shop this holiday season, retailers of all shapes and sizes have the chance to delight old and new customers alike by replicating or exceeding the in-store experience. But how? Digitally-native and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers both have the chance (quite frankly, the mandate) to attract new shoppers who may have never turned to e-commerce for everything from holiday dinner pantry staples to stocking stuffers.

This holiday season, retailers should try to create consistent, trusted experiences from channel to channel. Whether engaging customers through social media, your website, chat, or over the phone, you need to know about your customers’ experiences with your brand in real time— and your secret sauce is customer data.


There are three major forces making holiday planning a doozy this year for retailers. Plan ahead to be prepared! With these come new considerations, uncertainty and, last but not least, opportunity for those agile enough to capture it.


Buyers want safe experiences. Due to the pandemic, people will shop less in person, and businesses that are ready for the volume and can provide better customer experiences will win.
Buyers expect trusted experiences. The pandemic has moved more people online than ever before. And when people are buying online, they will purchase from the brands they trust.
Buyers expect convenience. Companies like Amazon have set the bar high here. Buyers expect choice, convenience, and personalized experiences.
Our eBook, blog, and webinar resources below will help you prepare to capitalize on this rare opportunity.

Resources to Help You Prepare

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