Fingerhut Improves Page Speed Through Checkout by 49% with Tealium

 In Standard, Tag Management

There are many benefits to tag management, but one of the most important is the ability to substantially improve web site performance.

Online retailer Fingerhut, part of Bluestem Brands, recently reported a dramatic 49 percent improvement in page speed through its checkout process by doing one thing: adding Tealium to its web site.

Tealium enables clients to improve site performance by 1) replacing dozens of digital marketing vendor tags with a single line of code, and 2) employing a variety of best practice techniques, including asynchronous tag loading, conditional tag loading, and slow-tag killing. Fingerhut used conditional tag loading to only load certain tags on its checkout pages, instead of loading all of its tags on every page hit.

Read the entire Bluestem Brands case study.

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