Better Together: Optimizely + Tealium Customer Data Hub

Create Hyper-Personalized Experiences Across the Full Customer Journey

The Tealium integration with Optimizely allows organizations to easily segment and enrich audience data, then trigger key marketing campaigns in real time. Tealium’s advanced segmentation capabilities allow organizations to build customer profiles and audiences using both online and offline data. These audiences fuel Optimizely with better targeting for more granular A/B and multivariate tests.

The result is the ability to create hyper-personalized experiences that impact the customer at every stage of the conversion funnel; digital advertisement, cart abandonment, point of sale conversion, etc.

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Why is the real-time integration between Tealium’s Customer Data Hub and Optimizely so powerful?

Right audience, right experience enables organizations to drive loyalty with their most valued customers and deliver relevant offers to those customers who are most likely to take action.

Real-time audience analytics provides behavioral insights based on web activity that is captured in the analytics feed and can be exported for analysis after experimentation.

Segmentation + Experimentation empowers IT and Product teams to simplify the delivery of data for marketing campaigns; replacing guesswork with certainty by combining advanced segmentation capabilities with always-on experimentation.

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Tealium + Optimizely
Integration Guide

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Optimizely is the world’s leading progressive delivery & experimentation platform.

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